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You know the little secret of the coffee stick


Everyone is familiar with this thing, but do you know what it is? coffee stirrer? straw? Or something else, what is the mystery of this design? Is it full of all kinds of doubts?


1. coffee stirrer

The most conventional cognition is that it is a coffee stirrer, which is used to stir the coffee and act as a spoon to make the coffee taste more even. This recessed shape is a design that balances strength and feel.

2. Straw

Another theory is that it can act as a straw. Even KFC has given an official explanation for this coffee straw: because the straw is concave, the lips cannot wrap it all. A part of the air will be sucked up together with the coffee, so that the speed of the sucked up beverage liquid is slow, and the flowing air will lower its temperature. Drinks are hot in your mouth but not scalding.

This straw is very friendly to young ladies who wear lipstick or lip balm. In order not to eat lipstick or lip balm into their mouths, it is also very convenient to use a straw to drink.

Although it can be used as a straw, it is still relatively risky to use a straw for extremely hot drinks. Generally, there will be a mark on the cup of hot drinks that prohibits the use of straws, so you must pay more attention.

Because the hole of this stick is too small, it is very difficult to drink. I can only drink the coffee in small sips. I believe many people can’t stand it. Moreover, some coffees pay attention to the taste, and the taste of each layer is different. If this straw goes down, all the preparations that took so much effort to prepare will be scrapped, so a barista who pays attention to details will not let you drink it with a straw, let alone drink it with a straw. With a straw for you; for some fast food coffee, don’t care much about the taste of the coffee, if you want, of course he can act as a straw and a stirring rod at the same time.

3. Reduce costs

The design of hollow and parallel structure can achieve high strength, light weight, and less consumption. In mass production, the hollow one will not increase the production cost, and can also reduce the use of materials. This is the ingenuity of the designer.

All in all you can’t say it’s a stirrer just because it stirs. Nor can it be considered just a straw because it has many benefits when used as a straw. But it does double as a stirrer and a straw. For fast food and hot drinks in paper cups, it is a great invention that kills two birds with one stone. For those who sit and chat while ordering a cup of coffee in a small coffee shop, the biggest function is to stir. What other ingenious uses do you think of this straw, please leave a message in the comment area.

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