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Wooden tableware series, each piece is like a work of art

Luke Hope is a London-based product designer who has returned to design after 20 years away to create a strong platform for contemporary home products. With a love for wood, Luke hope set out to explore making the smallest wooden spoon. What started as a simple idea has turned into a collection of sophisticated tableware. Browsing through the designer’s portfolio, you’ll notice his penchant for natural wood colours – from the light beige of sycamore, the dark brown of walnut, to the delicate black of swamp oak. The accent palette is a parallel to each object, brevity and detail oriented.

800 c8d


Separately, these products share the same characteristics. But put them together, and each item has been subtly modified to cater to the sophisticated aesthetics and attentive function. As with the “Blonde Sycamore Long Stem,” the round handle is elongated to balance its spherical bowl for a firmer grip. In contrast, the mouth of the Sycamore Moon Spoon has sharp carvings and is intricately fastened to an octagonal handle in order to accommodate larger objects. Although the two shapes are similar, they elegantly maintain a unique personality through tiny components.

50pcs wooden boat food serving tray

Sometimes an elaborate design like the “curved sycamore eater” stands out because of its subtle distinction. The slightly curved handle provides an elegant grip but maintains a familiar stance. The bowl is shallow to make it more comfortable for the mouth. The neck is lightly banded, giving a subtle touch of embossed art. When combined, they form a harmonious composition, like drops of water pouring off an ordinary canvas.

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