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Wooden chopsticks or stainless steel chopsticks?

However, ordinary stainless steel chopsticks also exist two big problems, one is not good to clip food, stainless steel chopsticks are not strong friction, clip some food such as balls, it is easy to clip unstable. Second stainless steel chopsticks feel not wooden chopsticks feel good, stainless steel thermal conductivity is relatively strong, in some of the more hot food, it is easy to hot hand, or even hot mouth.

And stainless steel chopsticks, not only less style, still will rust, more important is the solid stainless steel chopsticks easy heat conduction, but it is very heavy, while hollow stainless steel chopsticks reduce the thermal conductivity, but feel lighter, it is very cheap.

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Therefore, stainless steel chopsticks are not more advanced than wooden chopsticks, more health and safety, many people think that the concept of stainless steel chopsticks is better, this concept is not correct, compared with wooden chopsticks, the two can be described as half catty 8 two. Wooden chopsticks or stainless steel chopsticks?

Around the world, it seems that in addition to east Asia, people in many countries is in almost universal use knife and fork to eat food, but although in east Asia, western food is widely considered the upscale restaurant, or even Singapore, Japan, Korea, Vietnam, Malaysia and other countries the life of people is a widespread westernised, and even our country people’s life style also tend to be westernized, but in terms of food, The tradition of using chopsticks is still maintained, but the form of chopsticks has changed.

However, wooden chopsticks and stainless steel chopsticks are the most common items in residents’ daily consumption, mainly because they are cheap and everyone can afford them.

Especially in the city residents, the choice of chopsticks too much, the price affordability is higher, so many people confused: in the end is the choice of wooden chopsticks is better, or choose stainless steel chopsticks more appropriate, after all, many good wooden chopsticks are also expensive, and beautiful atmosphere.

The advantages of wooden chopsticks are self-evident, soft texture, not knock teeth, and the texture is relatively beautiful, with the beauty of natural art, if coupled with hot stamping, can highlight the high-end sense, in addition to the thermal conductivity of wooden chopsticks is poor, not hot mouth.

But the shortcomings of wooden chopsticks are also very obvious, the wooden chopsticks used by many families have appeared mildew, discoloration, peculiar smell and so on, and it is very difficult to clean, someone has done an experiment, will be used for half a year wooden chopsticks boiled with open water, water float a lot of oil stains, visible wooden chopsticks is very difficult to clean.

Generally speaking, we wash chopsticks are rubbed with detergent, on the surface of the chopsticks are washed clean, but wooden chopsticks after long-term use cause mildew. At the same time, the adoption of communal meal system in China, wooden chopsticks become the transmission of Helicobacter pylori, which is one of the main reasons why China has a high incidence of stomach cancer.

Therefore, wooden chopsticks are generally considered to last three months, after which they should be replaced as soon as possible.

So, what about stainless steel chopsticks? Can wooden chopsticks be completely replaced?

Compared with wooden chopsticks, stainless steel chopsticks are generally made of food-grade stainless steel. Stainless steel chopsticks are not rusty, moldy or smelly, and do not have to worry about bacterial growth.

Stainless steel chopsticks are also smoother and less prone to food residue, which means they are easier to clean than wooden ones. And stainless steel chopsticks have a longer service life, and will not wear and crack like wooden chopsticks.

However, in recent years, with the continuous progress of domestic material technology, Chinese chopsticks enterprises are increasingly perfect product innovation, while avoiding the shortcomings of wooden chopsticks and stainless steel chopsticks, such as the most popular in the last two years is alloy chopsticks.

Alloy chopsticks more apparent, the advantages of the casting is a new kind of materials, both strong and durable than wooden chopsticks, and avoid the stainless steel piece of friction small, fast heat conduction, the shortcomings of difficult to clip, and joined the antibacterial materials, making chopsticks ease of use, and the price is relatively high, common people’s acceptance is relatively higher.

Take this double gun alloy chopsticks as an example, with mildew-proof, anti-skid, resistant to 220 degrees high temperature characteristics, containing 99% antibacterial rate, using PPS alloy material material, knock metal sound, beautiful appearance, it is very high-grade, the average price of a pair of chopsticks is less than 3 yuan, the use cycle is much higher than stainless steel chopsticks and wood chopsticks. And is the domestic chopsticks listed leading enterprises, product quality can be trusted.

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