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Wooden Box

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Wooden box is a kind of container, which can be divided into square, triangular, rhombic, circular, etc.As long as it can be designed, it can be produced. Varieties include heaven and earth cover, flip cover, pumping board, etc. In terms of technology, there are: traditional buckle falcon, right angle splicing, 45 degree angle splicing, silver wire inlay, boxwood inlay, needle carving, copper inlay, relief carving and jade inlay, and modern technology includes laser carving and mechanical carving

There are many materials: pine, red sandalwood, rosewood, oak, cherry, walnut, beech, mahogany, poplar, Paulownia, etc. All these are the preferred materials for wooden boxes.

The surface treatment includes chemical paint, raw paint, water-based paint, MDF paper veneer, wood veneer, leather technology, etc. The newest painting technology is high end piano lacquer, which is extremely bright, plump, hard, wear-resistant and good adhesion. The gift box and outer packaging not only have the effect of storage, preservation and moisture resistance, but also have the effect of improving brand awareness and added value.

The interior can also customized as customer’s requirement. For example, if the box is used as wine packing, its interior will be lined with foam. Lining like this can well protect the wine jar and fix the wine bottle.

Another kind of highly welcomed wooden box type is natural color wooden box. They are normally used for food container and food tray. The environmental friendly wooden packing box is carefully polished, which is more pure and natural! With advanced engraving, bronzing, silk screen printing and other modern technologies, printing a unique logo makes art more pure and unique!

Vinzor wood provides all kinds of wood box with high quality. We will provide not only wooden boxes, but also solutions for all kinds of usage. No matter your product is food, gift, perfume, essential oil, skin care, drinks, tea or what else, you will find your best suitable match here.

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