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Why is wooden cutlery a better choice than plastic cutlery?

Why is wooden cutlery a better choice than plastic cutlery?

Wooden cutlery is a kind of disposable cutlery which is a good alternative in the disposable utensils. They stand out for being disposable, reliable, ecological, comfortable and suitable. Due to these characteristics, they are very frequently used nowadays. Do you want to know why wooden cutlery is better than plastic cutlery? Here we tell you.

Disposable cutlery

Differences between wooden cutlery and plastic cutlery

Both raw materials are used to make knives, forks and spoons. But they have several differences in terms of manufacturing, benefits and the impact they generate when used. Here we explain why disposable wooden cutlery is more convenient for you.

They prevent pollution

Wooden utensils reduce environmental pollution and take care of the ecosystem. This is because they are made with natural components and have an ecological process. On the other hand, plastic utensils cause damage to the planet because they generate toxic or harmful elements for the environment.

Decomposition – wooden cutlery VS plastic cutlery

The biodegradable cutlery can be destroyed, disappear or degrade through a normal process. This process does not produce harmful residues. For this reason these utensils have biodegradable and compostable qualities. Moreover, they benefit you because they are recyclable and renewable.

The latter, however, take too long to disintegrate or be disposed of, and can even last for a long time. Even if you throw them in the garbage, a large amount of them remain in seas or drains. This causes drains, sewers and landfills to become clogged.

Outdoor uses

You can use wooden spoons, knives or forks when you are hiking in the mountains. Also if you go to beaches, parks, squares, outdoor sites. They can be used for meetings, parties, and celebrations. With this take away packaging, you don’t have to worry about harming the environment, contrary to what happens with the polymer ones.


Eating tools made from logs or bark are disposable. That is, forget about washing them or investing in cleaning products for this purpose. Use them in a simple, uncomplicated way and store them easily. They do not alter the taste of food and are solid. Polymeric ones may lose their composition over time.

wooden cutlery warehouse
wooden cutlery warehouse


They also differ in the way they are made. Wooden cutlery is made without treatment and has no artificial additives. These articles can be made from natural solid wood. This is a resistant, reliable, safe and pleasant raw material. The best thing is that it does not produce alterations in the human organism.

For this reason, these utensils are better disposable tableware than those made of plastic, which are manufactured with harmful elements. They are usually made with petroleum, hydrocarbons, cellophane, chemicals, rubbers, fossil fuels, rubbers. This is counterproductive because they are non-renewable resources, expensive and generate a large amount of toxins to process them.


In commerce

Wooden cutlery is currently in great demand in the commercial sector for food packaging. They are used in restaurants, hotels, companies that organize parties, catering services, cafeterias, bars and more. The owners of these businesses therefore try to buy in bulk to satisfy customers. For their part, the authorities asked them not to use elastomer instruments.


Do you want beautiful, elegant and visually pleasing forks, cutlery and knives? Natural solid cutlery meets these requirements. They have a great design, you could combine them with the rest of the tableware for any occasion. It is even possible to decorate them as you wish.


There is no doubt that log, bark or tree utensils have higher quality than elastomer instruments. The former are better options because they offer good conditions for the consumer at the moment of eating. On the other hand, the latter are of lower quality, especially if they are combined with various types of polymers.-

Disposable Flatware From Vinzor Wood 02

Resistance to different temperatures

Natural solid cutlery is resistant to different temperatures, including hot ones. This is perfect for eating because they will not be damaged, broken or deformed. In addition, you do not need to use towels to hold them because they do not carry heat. In this case they are better than plastic ones: they melt easily.

Health and hygiene

Wooden ones are more optimal in terms of health and hygiene. They are more hygienic because of the way they are processed by the manufacturers. During the pandemic and health emergency, their use increased in order to prevent infections. People take sanitary care because they use these utensils once and discard them.

Other materials

Even eating utensils made of solid natural materials are better than other materials. These include metal or silicone, which produce toxic substances. They can also be easily damaged and in some cases are harmful to people.

Where to get good quality wooden cutlery?

Are you looking for safe, comfortable, elegant, beautiful wooden cutlery? Vinzorwood has it for you! We are a certified company that makes quality cutlery with this material. Our products are distinguished for being ecological, natural and friendly with the planet.

We make knives, spoons and forks with natural solid wood. This raw material ensures that you will have good, resistant and pleasant utensils. The process to make them consists of selecting the best wood, polishing it and transforming it into wonderful articles.

What is Vinzorwood cutlery like?

Vinzorwood offers you different packages, sizes and shapes of knives, forks and spoons. If you have a business you can have them custom made. Select the utensils of the model or size that suits your business. It is also possible to print the logo of your choice.

Our cutlery has a great beige design and an easy to grip look. We have the optimal equipment and tools to meet your needs. Therefore, you have the opportunity to order as much as you want. They also have these advantages:

  • Easy to move.
  • Ideal for wholesalers, businesses or families.
  • Withstands high temperatures.
  • They are a solution to other materials that have an environmental damage. In spite of this, they are economical.
  • You can store them for a long time without damaging them. When you use them, they will be in perfect condition.
  • Biodegradable, compostable, disposable, healthy.

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