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What should I do if the wooden cutlery is moldy?

For three meals a day, chopsticks are an indispensable tool when we eat, and most families are accustomed to using chopsticks made of bamboo or wood to eat.

Have you noticed that although we carefully clean the chopsticks every day, there are still a lot of dark mildew spots on the chopsticks, especially in damp and dark places.


Although chopsticks need to be replaced after a certain period of use, it will inevitably feel a little wasteful to replace them too frequently. So what can be done to prevent the chopsticks from becoming moldy? Don’t worry, Zhishujun is here to give you some tips, it’s really practical!

Rice water cleaning method

As we all know, rice washing water is very useful, not only for watering flowers and washing clothes, but also for cleaning chopsticks.

Prepare a pot of rice-washing water, completely soak the moldy chopsticks in the rice-washing water, add some edible salt to the chopsticks after half an hour to scrub, then soak the chopsticks in boiling hot water for a while, and finally wash all the chopsticks with white vinegar The chopsticks can be dried in the sun.

Ginger slice cleaning method

Prepare a whole ginger and cut it into thin slices for later use, then prepare a pot and put the chopsticks in it, add 2~3 tablespoons of edible salt, then pour in boiling hot water, soak the chopsticks for at least 10 minutes, remove them, and cut them before using Wipe the chopsticks repeatedly, especially the moldy places, and finally put the chopsticks in boiling water and boil them for a while, then take them out and dry them in the sun.

Of course, in addition to mastering these good ways to clean chopsticks, the most important thing is to kill those mildew spots that have not yet appeared in the cradle. Of course, learning to save chopsticks is also very important!

How to save chopsticks

If you want chopsticks not to get moldy and bacteria, in addition to cleaning chopsticks every day, you should choose a chopstick tube with good drainage effect and ventilation to store, which will not only prolong the service life of chopsticks, but also ensure that the chopsticks we use are clean. Hygienic and bacteria-free.

kitchen drain rack

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