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What material is good for household tableware?

Household tableware is something we come into contact with every day, and only high-quality tableware can make life more secure. Different tableware materials will have different effects, so what is the best material for household tableware? Or follow Jinan Decoration Network to see it together!
What material is good for household tableware? Jinan Decoration Network tells you that these tableware materials are worth considering

What material is good for household tableware

1. Wooden cutlery

Wooden cutlery is a kind of pure natural product, which is rich in resources and can be produced from a wide range of materials. And wood, which is 100% degradable.

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But wood is an absorbent, porous material that soaks in moisture and bacteria. For this reason, wooden cutlery is unhygienic and not suitable for long-term use. However, the price of wooden tableware is very affordable.

2. Aluminum tableware

Aluminum products are widely used because of their lightness, durability, high quality and low price. Although there is no complete scientific research data to prove the relationship between aluminum tableware and human health, most experts believe that excessive accumulation of aluminum in the human body will accelerate human aging and be harmful to health. Therefore, when using aluminum tableware, do not scrape with a knife or a spatula. It is best not to eat the scraped food mixed with aluminum scraps; in addition, aluminum tableware should not be used to cook acidic and alkaline foods, otherwise, aluminum will be a lot. Dissolution.

3. Ceramic tableware

The material of ceramic tableware can be said to be the best material on the market, but when using ceramic tableware, you also need to pay attention. When we buy, in addition to choosing a good material, we should also pay attention to the glaze color, do not choose too bright colors inside, the paint will easily cause certain damage to our body, which needs attention. Among the tableware in the ceramic type, it is the best to choose lead-free glaze, which is also a good one in the ceramic tableware. After all, ceramic tableware is a trend now. When 80% of families choose tableware materials, the first choice is ceramic tableware. Such materials are generally environmentally friendly and green.

4. Bamboo tableware

Bamboo chopsticks are the most used in our lives. They are economical and practical, and do not waste wood. However, they should be kept dry, otherwise they are prone to mold. Especially in the south, in the rainy and humid season, we should pay attention to wash them and put them in a ventilated place.
What material is good for household tableware? Jinan Decoration Network tells you that these tableware materials are worth considering

5. Glass tableware

Clean and hygienic, without toxic substances. But glass cutlery can sometimes “mold”. This is because the glass is eroded by water for a long time, and the sodium silicate in the glass reacts with carbon dioxide in the air to form white carbonic acid crystals, which are harmful to human health, so they can be removed with alkaline detergents when used.

6. Plastic tableware

Currently considered safe plastic meals include polyethylene, polystyrene, polypropylene plastic products and the like. When purchasing and using, you must pay attention to confirm which type of plastic it belongs to. Recycled plastics or plastics with dark pigments and non-food plastics must not be used to hold or package food. Otherwise, it may harm the human body. cause poisoning.

7. Stainless Steel Cutlery

Stainless steel tableware has gradually become a big trend for people to buy. Although it is good, we need to pay attention: for example, when stainless steel tableware is used to store food, do not store strongly acidic food, nor should strong alkaline food be stored. Otherwise, it will easily stimulate toxic metal elements and cause harm to the body. It is indeed not easy for us to use it well, and a little carelessness will cause irreversible damage. The material of plastic tableware is often not heat-resistant, and it is easy to release toxins under high heat.

8. Copper tableware

The appearance is gorgeous, the color is like gold, and it is very stylish. A small amount of copper dissolved when cooking food in a copper pot is beneficial to the human body. But after the copper is rusted, “patina and blue alum” can be produced. The verdigris and blue alum are two toxic substances, which can cause nausea, vomiting and even poisoning. Therefore, it must not be used for copper tableware with patina.

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