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What kind of wood does general wooden tableware use?

1. Ebony wood: essentially African zebra wood, shiny, straight texture, fine and uniform structure; Hard wood and high strength; But it can not adapt to too cold or too hot, dry and wet environment, wood is easy to rot, wood color becomes pale.

2, walnut catalpa: shiny material, straight or oblique texture, slightly thick structure, slow drying speed, but not easy to warpage, good wood toughness, easy processing, cutting surface is very smooth bending, paint and bonding performance is good, strong nail force.

3, rubber wood: rubber tree aging material, used to produce rubber, its material is general, good hardness, it is divided into domestic production and production in Thailand, Thailand is relatively good.

4, North America black walnut: rich in North America, Northern Europe and other places, is a kind of medium density hard hardwood, its surface is shiny, no special smell and taste, fine texture, not easy to crack, corrosion resistance, very suitable for making tables and chairs.

5, Ash: slightly hard tree, straight texture, thick structure, beautiful pattern, corrosion resistance, water resistance, good decorative performance, currently used for furniture, interior decoration, but the water willow deformation is larger.

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1, smell

Wood can contain natural primitive balmy, but the woodiness tableware that had handled, although the surface is smooth, but many harmful substances were adhered to inside actually, smell not only has peculiar smell, this kind of peculiar smell still cannot absolve for a long time.

2, appearance

Pure natural wood color is not too bright, but the grain is very smooth and natural, if you encounter bright color but fuzzy texture of wooden tableware, some even can not see the texture, it is mostly crushed material pressed, do not choose this kind of.

3, feel

Many people think wooden cutlery is easy to scratch and leave scratches, but it is not. Natural woodiness tableware surface wants hard, smooth, without crack. Can delimit its section with thumb nail when choosing, check is enough hard. If the wood is pressed, like disposable chopsticks, the texture is soft and brittle, leaving scratches easily.

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