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What kind of garbage are bamboo skewer?

Bamboo skewer are very common in our daily life, and most of them are used in the barbecue industry. Bamboo skewer are generally made of bamboo, and some are made of wood. So what role does bamboo sticks play in garbage classification ?

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What kind of garbage are bambooskewer?

Bamboo skewer are other garbage. As a food carrier, bamboo skewer must be contaminated with some food residues and oil stains after use. Moreover, bamboo skewer are not recyclable and are also a kind of combustible items, so bamboo sticks are classified as other garbage. Other garbage refers to other domestic wastes other than hazardous garbage, recyclables, and kitchen waste.

How to prevent mold and insects from bamboo skewer

Method 1: sun-drying, anti-mildew treatment

If you plan to keep the bamboo sticks sealed, be sure to dry the bamboo thoroughly. Generally, only the surface can be dried by drying for a few days, and the inside must also be thoroughly dried. There is no moisture to better prevent mildew.

Method 2: Sealing Treatment

We can wrap the bamboo sticks directly in plastic wrap, but the premise is that the bamboo is thoroughly dried, otherwise this method is more likely to cause the bamboo to issue mildew.
Garbage classification丨What kind of garbage is bamboo sticks

The role of bamboo skewer

1. BBQ

The biggest role of bamboo skewers in life is to make barbecue skewers, which will be very convenient to eat and save money and effort.

2. String incense

Another major function of bamboo sticks is to use them as incense sticks. It can be said that sticks of incense sticks and bamboo sticks are inseparable “partners”.

3. Make handicrafts

If there are a lot of bamboo skewer and the ability to do it yourself is very strong, we can use it to make handicrafts and make them by ourselves. Not only can we decorate our room, but we will also have a great sense of achievement.

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