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What Is Bamboo Picks

What is bamboo pick?

Bamboo Picks is a kind of decorated bamboo skewer. Add decoration on a bamboo skewer or toothpick, such as some beautiful beads, interesting paper cards and colorul strips, or bend the bamboo itself to achieve different shapes, so as to make the bamboo cocktail picks interesting and beautiful, make your dishes attractive and bring a pleasant experience to your guests. Usually, the materials of food picks can be bamboo, wood, paper, etc.

Knot picks are generally used for finger food, fruit, cupcakes, hamburger, cocktails, etc. Our premium long bamboo cocktail sticks add an elegant flair to burgers, sandwiches, fruit kabobs and tall drinks. Choose one of our short bamboo knot food picks for use with appetizers, cocktails, hors d’oeuvres, and food platters. Restaurant and catering supply companies can find a variety of skewer sizes and the lowest wholesale case price. Bamboo cocktail sticks make the food no longer monotonous and help the store attract your guests.

Food is not just food anymore, but an art of life. It’s function is not only to feed someone, but a kind of care for the soul. Marketing experts have found that people are more likely to pay for beautiful food because of the illusion that beautiful food is healthier. Decrative food picks are essential in food decoration. It can beautify dishes and improve the edible value and aesthetic value of dishes.  Food aesthetics is extremely important in people’s life, which enables people to obtain both material and spiritual satisfaction from the most basic need of “eating”.

In home parties, disposable decorative food pick can britlight your cocktails, desserts or cupcakes in the following three ways,

  1. to make chaotic dishes become orderly
  2. Through reasonable color collocation to achieve color balance of dishes
  3. to create an atmosphere of dishes and make them more attractive


The common types of the cocktail picks are: beaded picks, bamboo knot skewers, loop skewers, flag toothpicks, fireworks skewers, clown type skewers, etc. According to the purpose and theme, it can also be divided into wedding theme, Christmas theme and party theme etc.

Vinzor Wood provides multi size and multi style party pick skewers to the global catering supply and wholesalers. Accept OEM orders, you can customize the style, size, packaging and even material of the bamboo fork picks.

Bamboo picks are widely used in restaurants, bars, families, weddings, friends’ gatherings and other occasions.

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