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What is Toothpicks?

Toothpick, usually a small thin stick with one tip or two tips, also has a hook shape at the front end. A sharp toothpick can be broken off to support the toothpick head at its flat head. It is usually made of bamboo, wood or metal. It can be used to clean the mouth, remove tartar and foreign matters or food residues stuffed in the tooth gap.

It is widely used. It is almost a common daily necessities for people all over the world. It is generally available in restaurants, hotels, restaurants and homes.

Bamboo is generally used as the raw material of toothpicks. 1. Because bamboo is tough, it is not easy to break. 2. Because it is easy to process (all processed along the wood grain). 3. Because it saves wood and is environmentally friendly. 4. The price is low and the production process is mature.

These toothpicks are sold only after they are strictly sterilized at high temperature. Toothpicks are hard, smooth and free of burrs. The top is slightly thin but not too sharp. They do not change color after soaking in water, do not change taste, and do not soften at the tip. Some inferior toothpicks in the market, bleached with industrial hydrogen peroxide, will cause great harm to the human body. It is recommended to use high-quality products from regular manufacturers, and try not to choose unnatural products with white toothpick color.

The toothpick made of high-quality wood or other suitable materials shall be selected for tooth picking. It shall have sufficient hardness and toughness, smooth surface, appropriate size and gradually and evenly thinning shape from the middle to both ends.

Long term use of toothpick will cause certain damage to teeth. It is recommended to brush your teeth if conditions permit.

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