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What is a Wooden Tongue Depressor?

What is a wooden tongue depressor? In fact, many people are a little confused when they see this problem, but in fact, most of them have touched the tongue depressor, but do you remember when you went to the hospital for examination, the doctor checked That piece of wood depressor that’s against your throat?


The tongue depressor wooden type is the basic equipment for examining the throat. In the case of examining the oropharynx, the wooden tongue spatula is generally used to press two-thirds of the tongue to observe the mucous membrane of the throat and other structural conditions. In addition to examining the oropharynx, the natural wooden depressor is sometimes used to examine the pharynx. In the case of examining the pharynx, hold the wooden tongue blade with the right hand and press the front two-thirds of the tongue, and hold the nasopharyngoscope in the left to examine the pharynx. In the case of using the tongue depressor again, pay attention to the fact that the tongue depressor cannot be stretched over and back, and too much back is close to the tongue, which is very likely to cause nausea, vomiting, and discomfort in the patient.


1. Operation method of wooden tongue depressor:

1. Open and pour 50% GS20ml/piece into a stainless steel plate small medical tweezers tube with a lid for sterile testing every day. The liquids and utensils are replaced twice a day. After use, the utensils are sterilized by high pressure, and the tongue depressor is soaked with 500mg/L chlorine-containing disinfectant for 30 minutes, and then incinerated according to the diagnosis and treatment waste to generate electricity.

2. When the patient wants to seek medical treatment with a tongue depressor, open the disposable wooden tongue depressor package, and soak the sterile tongue depressor in 50% GS sterile testing aqueous solution for 1 minute. The delicious taste of the plate on the tip of the patient’s tongue allows him to taste the sweet taste, and then let the patient open his mouth and quickly dilate and press the tongue. At this time, the patient does not cry, does not make noise, and cooperates with the doctor’s various inspections.

3. In order to decentralize the concentration of children, more colorful wall paintings can be hung in the outpatient room, and some small toys can be placed to attract children’s concentration. In addition, the diagnosis can be carried out quickly.

Proper application of the tongue depressor can reduce the psychological fear of patients and reduce medical disputes. Whether it is for parents or medical staff, a good way can reduce a lot of inconvenience.


2. 3 common problems of tongue depressor:

1. Pay attention to the disinfection and sterilization of the tongue depressor;

2. Focus on the strength when pressing lightly, and do not let the patient break free and feel uncomfortable;

3. The tongue depressor should generally be pressed at one-third of the mouth.

The above is the proper operation method of the tongue depressor and 3 common problems. As wooden tongue depressor price is affordable and good quality, today’s tongue depressors are commonly made of wood.

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