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Teach you to identify the 4 categories of wooden chopsticks

Wooden chopsticks are the tableware we use every day to eat. If you buy the following types of wooden chopsticks, it will directly affect our health. First of all, let’s take a look at the types of chopsticks;

The first colorful plastic chopsticks
This kind of plastic chopsticks is very popular in supermarkets or farmers’ markets. The price is cheap, one dollar a pair, and there are discounts for buying more. Because the cheap selling is naturally lower, the production cost is naturally lower, and the materials used are relatively cheap. Deformation will also produce a large amount of toxins, seriously endangering health!

The second kind of wooden chopsticks

round wooden sticks birch wood

round stick wood

If wooden chopsticks are used for a long time, mold will occur. If the moldy chopsticks are used, it is easy to substitute mold into the body, which will seriously cause diarrhea!

The third type of disposable chopsticks
Most of the disposable chopsticks are produced by industrial processing, so they will contain some bacteria and chemical ingredients, which are not clean and harmful to health!

The fourth stainless steel chopsticks
Stainless steel chopsticks will conduct heat, which is inconvenient to use and easy to burn. It is also very heavy and difficult to control.

If you want to buy disposable wooden chopsticks, you can take a look at our products, which are not only high quality and low price, but also have high quality and environmental protection, and are very convenient to use.

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