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Solid wood tableware, back to nature

The greatness of nature lies in drawing majestic mountains and rivers, and the greatness of human beings lies in making life simpler. A big tree, in the forest, it is just a stroke in the painting of nature, such as dripping water into the sea, disappears, but under the careful polishing of craftsmen, they become the protagonists of our lives, or large sofa furniture, Or the small wooden objects on the dining table, and a little green plants from the forest, everything is so harmonious and natural, simple and beautiful. In this moment, I fell in love with everything about logs.

1. Splicing wooden tea breakfast plate

This breakfast plate is made of natural beech wood, fresh in style, natural and durable, without any paint brushing. In every quiet morning, serve yourself and T a delicious breakfast, hot, and don’t worry about it getting out of shape~

2. Wooden plate

The temperament of food is exuded by me, I am a spruce plate, not from the Association of Appearance, please include me in the Association of Soul. This wooden plate is very suitable for pastries, melons and fruits. I believe that the recommendation of Zhaidoujun is worth your discovery.

square wooden plate disposable

3. Japanese style solid wood tea cup hanger

A cup holder with both beauty and practicability, not only can store cups, but it is a beautiful landscape anywhere. This hanger is made of imported beech wood, and the shelf and base are fixed with screws, which is very stable and is a good helper for home storage.

wooden plate use and throw

4. Japanese wooden lunch box

Dad said that he can drive and cook, so he will not be afraid of living alone, and being better to himself is to make his stomach full and eat well. Today, I will make some snacks with rice to eat. The special texture of wood will make the days with boxed lunches more delicious. The outer layer of paint is the safest national paint, healthy and environmentally friendly, and Ma Ma no longer has to worry about my wooden lunch box becoming moldy.

wooden plate

5. Smiley Log Kitchen Cutlery

The cute little cutlery is coming~ Each handle has a cute smiley face, telling you that the life in the kitchen is extremely happy, whether it is cooking or eating, we have to live happily to the end! !


6. Cute rabbit log tableware

Super cute and personalized baby tableware plate, hand-made, each is natural wood, has its own natural texture and color, each is unique, clear and natural wood grain, in your hand, you feel a natural and simple atmosphere, Come on. Let the baby fall in love with eating, starting from tableware~


7. Bamboo and wood porcelain plate three-layer nut plate

The fruit plate can be rotated and disassembled. The upper two layers are high-temperature reinforced white porcelain plates that can be rotated. The porcelain has high density and delicate hand feeling. The bottom layer is a bamboo and wood plate, which is simple and retro, fresh and natural.


8. Solid wood handle bowl

The latest small fresh beech wood bowl, a wooden bowl with a very feel, and a convenient and practical handle that can be held. It is very beautiful when placed alone. If you add some fruit to embellish it, the color will be richer. Whip up your appetite.


9. Boat-shaped log sushi plate

Love sushi? Do you often DIY sushi at home? But have you ever found that the sushi that is made does not have the right plate to hold it? Then get your hands on this boat-shaped sushi plate. The fresh and natural log design and the extremely simple Japanese style make it the most suitable sushi companion~


10. The heat-insulating and anti-scalding solid wood water cup is made of pure solid wood. The surface is treated with natural raw lacquer to prevent corrosion and pollution. It is produced in strict accordance with Japanese food utensil standards. There is the solid wood anti-scalding water cup we have seen.

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