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Wooden Sushi Plate

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wooden sushi plate
wooden sushi plate
wooden sushi plate
wooden sushi plate
wooden sushi plate
wooden sushi plate
wooden sushi plate
wooden sushi plate

wooden sushi plate poplar wood bulk 50pcs pack

Wooden sushi plate is a kind of disposable tableware which is biodegradable, eco friendly and safe, made of poplar wood, as well as palm leaf boat. Also they are perfect replacement for plastic tableware. What’s more, Wooden sushi plate is also famous for it’s convenient as a food serving tray. Comparing with reusable plates, they can be thrown away after use, which make it an excellent choice for wedding, catering or any party. The wooden sushi plate is normally used as container and plate of appetizer, sushi, snacks. Especially in aviation tableware, wooden sushi boat is having a very good trend replacing traditional tableware such as plastic plates and cutlery. Among all the materials, pine wood and poplar are best sellers. Vinzor wood provides high quality wooden sushi plate with reasonable price for wholesalers all over the world. Contact us to get latest price and product information.

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Wooden Sushi Plate - Disposable wooden plate - Dimensions for option

Item Size(mm) Measurements(mm) Pcs/bag Pcs/bag Carton Size(mm) Net Weight/Carton
Gross Weight/Carton
wooden sushi plate
2.5″ 65X42 12000 50 610X490X430 14 15.5
3″ 80X56 10000 50 610X490X430 14 15.5
3.5″ 90*60 9000 50 610X490X430 14.4 15.9
4″ 115X65 7000 50 610X490X430 12.6 14.1
5″ 135X75 5000 50 610X490X430 17 18.5
6″ 170X85 3500 50 610X490X430 13.3 14.8
7″ 185X100 2700 50 610X490X430 12.4 13.9
8″ 215X110 2000 50 500x450x510 12.8 14.3
small 9″ 235X110 1000 50 520x260x500 7 8.5
big 9″ 235X130 1000 50 620x260x560 8 9.5

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