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Wooden Cups Disposable

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disposable wooden cups
disposable wooden cups
disposable wooden cups
disposable wooden cups
disposable wooden cups
disposable wooden cups
disposable wooden cups
disposable wooden cups

Wooden Cups Disposable for wedding party use and throw

Wooden cups disposable is very popular in catering supply industry. They are made of 100% natural wood, are perfect replacement for the plastic cups. Wooden cups disposable is cheap in price, widely suite for many places and usages, such as weddings, picnic, parties and any catering activity. Especially for take away food, wooden cups disposable make it convenient to take away fried chips, snacks without worrying about environment pollution like plastic cups. Vinzor Wood produces all types disposable wooden tableware, with all sizes, shapes and designs. With cutting edged technical team, wooden cups disposable is produced under strict quality control. Factory have passed FSC, ISO, CE certificates etc. Welcome to contact us to get latest price.

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Wooden cups disposable dimensions for choice

ItemMeasurements(mm)Pcs/ctnPcs/bagCarton Size(mm)Net Weight/Carton
Gross Weight/Carton
wooden cupΦ45*H45850050pcs610X490X4309.611.1
wooden cupΦ55*H55560050pcs610X490X43012.514
wooden cupΦ45X43800050pcs610X490X4309.611.1
wooden cupΦ60X60640050pcs610X490X43012.814.3
wooden cupΦ50X20880050pcs610X490X43010.512
mousse cup40*402000050pcs610X490X43014.415.9
mousse cup60*60900050pcs610X490X430910.5
mousse cup65*65810050pcs610X490X43012.514
mousse cup70*50630050pcs610X490X43012.814.3
mousse cup80*80450090X50610X490X43013.515
mousse cup100*100285057X50610X490X43011.412.9
bevel cupΦ55*70*30360072*50610X490X43010.812.3
bevel cupΦ60*70*25280056*50610X490X43011.212.7
bevel cupΦ60*90*30150030*50610X490X4301213.5
wooden coneD32*H75/357500150X50610X490X4301516.5
wooden coneD36*H110/55400080X50610X490X4301011.5
wooden coneD47*H137/70220044X50610X490X4301112.5
cupcake cup5.6*3.5*4.9     
cupcake cup80*50*70     

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