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Tongue Depressor Wooden

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wooden tongue depressor
medical spatula
tongue depressor wooden
wooden tongue depressor
medical spatula
tongue depressor wooden

tongue depressor wooden tongue blade disposable wooden depressor wooden spatula tongue depressor wood type

The tongue depressor wooden is a device used to depress the tongue to facilitate the examination of surrounding organs and tissues. It is made of bamboo, plastic, and wood. Today’s tongue depressors are commonly made of wood, but also stainless steel. In the early days, it was mainly iron. Because wood embodies the sanitary requirements of one-time use, wood tongue depressors are the most common and commonly used.

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itemwooden spatula, wooden tongue spatula, disposable tongue spatula, wooden tongue depressor
materialeco-friendly birch wood
Lengths for option140*16*1.6mm,150*18*1.6mm,150*18*2mm,200*24*1.6mm
surface treatmentphysical polishing
pack quantityIndependent wrap or bulk
pack materialbox, bags, individual wrap, flowpack dispenser
can supply to e-commerce platformyes
customize it MOQ1 carton
OEM orderyes
samplesfree sample
Model typeStraight edge(Plain); Round edge(Beleved)
usageMedical Materials & Accessories

How to use tongue depressor wooden properly?

The tongue depressor is one of the most commonly used inspection tools in dentistry. Through the use of the tongue depressor, some conditions of the throat can be observed. So, as a common inspection tool, how to use the tongue depressor correctly?

In the case of examining the oropharynx, hold the tongue depressor in the right hand to open the patient’s mouth as wide as possible, pressing the front two-thirds of the tongue, and hold the nasopharyngoscope in the left to examine the throat

After the tongue depressor cannot be extended, it is close to the base of the tongue, which may easily cause the patient to feel nausea and vomiting.

The tongue depressor is one-time use and cannot be reused, otherwise it will easily cause the risk of disease transmission.

We are your OEM factory, and we are ready to meet your requirements.

Made of 100% natural high quality birch wood

Go through disinfection, safe and sanitary

Independent packing and bulk packing for option according to different requirements.

There is 6” senior size for adult, and 5.5” for kids.

The wooden spatla can be multi-purpose, can also be used as craft sticks, or waxing stick to remove hair on the body, essential for household.

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