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High Quality Bamboo Skewer Sticks 24cm

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perfectly polished high quality bamboo skewer sticks 24cm

The perfectly polished bamboo skewer sticks from Vinzor Wood is specially customized for machine feeding food industry. They are perfectly polished so as to impale smoothly into all kinds of meat during the kebab production.

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vinzor quality standard for bamboo skewer sticks

Standard size of the bamboo skewers: thanks to accurate processing machinery and good raw materials, vinzor wood bamboo sticks can be neat and uniform in length, good roundness, fresh in color, not black, but white and not green.


Food health: all bbq skewers from Vinzor Wood have passed food health test, no harmful chemical are added in the production process.

The polishing is good enough, the whole body of the bbq sticks is free of burrs, there are no safety risks in the process of enjoying delicious food. More importantly, for some machine feeding food processing factories, bamboo bbq sticks can smoothly pierce meat, making the food producing process efficient and smooth.

Strong hardness: all bamboo skewer sticks are made of top layer Moso bamboo. Bamboo has high fiber density, strong hardness, high toughness and is not easy to break.

The sharp point can be customized: the requirements for the sharp point of bamboo stick are different for different purposes. For example, fish balls don’t need to be sharp, while meat needs to be sharp. We will customize it according to your specific needs.

Packaging can be customized: as an OEM manufacturer, we have a variety of packaging solution and packing material for option. Packaging materials generally include plastic bags, cartons, transparent plastic boxes, display boxes and so on.

Logo on the stick is available.

Wide application range: they are perfect for barbecue, seafood, hot dogs, grilling meats, fruit string, to-go food pick, appetizers, vegetables, marshmallow, shish kebabs, yakitori, sausages etc.

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