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Disposable Wooden Plate Round

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wooden plate use and throw
wooden plate use and throw
wooden plate use and throw
wooden plate use and throw
wooden plate use and throw
wooden plate use and throw
wooden plate use and throw
wooden plate use and throw

disposable wooden plate round shape 5"-10" bulk pack

Disposable wooden plate is a kind of highly welcomed disposable tableware. It’s feature of natural, biodegradable and food safety make them more and more popular among catering supply wholesalers. Disposable wooden plate is widely used in restaurants, hotels, cafes, supermarkets etc. People love them not only because of it’s convenient in use, which can be thrown away easily without washing necessary, but also because of it’s hygienic and food safety. Disposable feature makes it perfect in avoiding cross infection. Specially in recent days after covid-19, people have raised their awareness of health, disposable biodegradable tableware have become necessary. Vinzor Wood is a professional manufacturer in China producing all types of wooden tableware. Disposable wooden plate is produced under strict quality control. Factory have passed FSC, ISO, CE certificates etc. Welcome to contact us to get latest price.

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Disposable wooden plate dimensions for choice

ItemMeasurements(mm)Pcs/ctnCarton Size(mm)Pcs/bagMaterialGross Weight/Carton
round wooden plateΦ145*15(5”)2700435*435*380100/bagpoplar20
round wooden plateΦ160*10(6”)1800480*360*320100/bagpoplar15
round wooden plateΦ200*18(7”)1400425*400*400100/bagpoplar21.5
round wooden plateΦ225*20(8”)1200650*240*470100/bagpoplar23
round wooden plateΦ260*20(10”)600540*270*530100/bagpoplar 
square wooden plate125*125*153150455*395*395150/bagpoplar26.5
square wooden plate150*150*201800460*460*310100/bagpoplar20
square wooden plate190*130*181200410*390*370100/bagpoplar16.5

Vinzor Wood welcome your inquiry and we are ready to serve at any time!

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