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Disposable Wooden Forks wholesale&for sale 16cm

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Disposable Wooden Forks
wooden fork hold a food
Disposable Wooden Forks
wooden fork hold a food

Disposable Wooden Forks Knives Spoons Wooden Cutlery Kitchen Flatware Eco-friendly utensil 100% biodegradable cutlery kit disposable flatware

Get latest disposable wooden forks at Vinzor wood, direct manufacturer for wooden tableware in China, fast global shipping and custom make wooden forks and knives, can do different shape, size, packing, can print your private logo. High quality and reliable manufacturer.

The need of health protection after COVID-19 is rising sharply. People’s awareness of health protection has undoubtedly become stronger after the pandemic. The serving of disposable cutlery would increase sharply.

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Main Feature

itemdisposable wooden forks
materialeco-friendly birch wood
fork size160*26*1.8
surface treatmentphysical polishing
pack quantity100pcs, 250pcs, 300pcs
pack material for optionplastic bags, boxes, individual wrap, flowpack dispenser
can supply to e-commerce platformyes
customize it MOQ1 carton
OEM orderyes
samplesfree sample

Full Size Range

The wooden cutlery can be done into variety of sizes to fit for different application. There are still many other sizes not shown in this picture. We can customize your size as requirement

wooden flatware sizes 01

Is Disposable Wooden Forks Safe?

Firstly the wooden flatware is made of natural solid wood, this material is quite safe and healthy for human body.
Secondly, after strict polishing procedure, the surface on the wooden flatware is very smooth, don’t have to worry about burrs which would possibily hurt your hand or mouth.
Thirdly, disposable wooden flatware is one time use, can effectively avoid cross infection caused by unqualified tableware and reuse.

Logo Printing Available

Vinzor factory have cutting edged laser printing machine, the logo shown on the cutlery is perfect and clear.

disposable cutlery with logo

Variety Of Packing options

There are many packing terms for option. Regular packing types are: plastic bags, paper boxes, plastic boxes, individual wrap, flowpack dispenser etc.

fork and knives

Why Choose Disposable Wooden Forks?

If you want to help reduce environmental pollution, then you should use a product made of wood instead of plastic.
Wooden cutlery is organic and smooth, so there is no coating, bleaching or painting. It can also be recycled.
If we compare a plastic product such as a knife, a spoon or a fork, then it is easier to use a wooden knife, spoon and fork. As it is flat, there can be no shavings or alders.
It is practical as it can be used for both hot and cold foods. If you have a restaurant, hotel or catering business, you can use wooden cutlery for your guests to enjoy all meals, such as soups, salads, fast food, etc.
Also, with wooden cutlery even with hot meals, there is no alteration in the taste of the food, so you can use them easily when serving any kind of food without worrying.

Multi Application

If you have a restaurant, hotel, fast food business, but also if you are organizing big parties and events through a catering business, wooden cutlery is one of the things you will need.

wood cutlery

Can support e-commerce platform supply, like amazon, ebay, aliexpress etc.

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