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Disposable Wooden Tableware & Cutlery Set

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disposable wooden cutlery
wooden disposable utensils
disposable wooden cutlery set
disposable wooden cutlery
wooden disposable utensils
disposable wooden cutlery set

Disposable cutlery wooden forks and knives eco friendly wooden kitchenware biodegradable utensil cutlery set disposable flatware wooden cutlery disposable type

Get latest disposable wooden cutlery set at Vinzor wood, direct wooden kitchenware manufacturer for disposable wooden tableware & cutlery set in China, fast global shipping and custom make wooden forks and knives, can do different shape, size, packing, can print your private logo. High quality and reliable manufacturer for wooden cutlery disposable type.

  • Wooden cutlery is designed to be disposable: they are simply thrown away after use. The wooden disposable utensils are perfect alternative for plastic cutlery.
  • Wooden forks and knives are available in a wide variety of styles and colors that can help you create a unique theme for your event or business.
  • Disposable wooden flatware can be found anywhere in catering supplies.
  • Ideal wooden spoon and fork for people who travel or are on the go because they are lightweight and compact.
  • Vinzor Wood is a reliable wooden spoon supplier globally.
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Feature of the disposable wooden cutlery


disposable wooden flatware

disposable wooden spoons

disposable wooden knives

disposable wooden forks

wooden cutlery disposable type


eco-friendly birch wood

knife size


fork size


spoon size


surface treatment

physical polishing

pack quantity

100pcs, 250pcs, 300pcs

pack material for option

plastic bags, boxes, individual wrap, flowpack dispenser

can supply to e-commerce platform








customize it MOQ

1 carton



OEM order



free samples

disposable wooden cutlery set

Disposable Flatware From Vinzor Wood

Except for solid wood, the wooden cutlery do not have second material. BPA free. it adopts pure physical production process on shaping and polishing. the technical is mature enough to reach an ideal smooth surface, with no strange smell.

The wooden cutlery disposable type is also ideal for camping, picnics or any other outdoor activity where there is no running water.

with cutting edged production machine and technology, the biodegradable utensil cutlery are as pretty as you can imagine, with no splinter, suitable for everyone even a child.

Ergonomic design, in-depth research in shape and length, grip feels excellent.

wooden fork

Vinzor have full product range and all sizes of disposable cutlery wooden set. As long as you have an requirement, we can do for you.

in many grocery and department stores, you can order the disposable wooden spoons online from one of the many companies that specialize in the following sizes.

wooden flatware sizes 01

As an OEM factory with strong capability, we are always ready to meet our customer’s requirement on disposable flatware, no matter you have requirement on product shape, packing, size, logo or whatelse.

disposable cutlery with logo

There are many packing terms for the wooden cutlery disposable type. Regular packing types are: plastic bags, paper boxes, plastic boxes, individual wrap, flowpack dispenser etc.

fork and knives

The wooden flatware are perfect for different application, such as take away food, outdoor picnic, restaurant, deserts shops or home party.

wood cutlery

Can support e-commerce platform supply, like amazon, ebay, aliexpress etc.

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