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17cm Big Shovel Wooden Spoon manufacturer

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wooden spoon manufacturer
wooden spork disposable
disposable wooden cutlery
wooden spoon manufacturer
wooden spork disposable
disposable wooden cutlery

17cm big shovel wooden spoon manufacturer - Vinzor Wood Products supply high quality wooden spoon strenthened wooden cutlery grooved handle latest designed wooden cutlery latest style wooden knives and forks

17cm Big shovel wooden spoon is the latest design. Vinzor Wood Products is a wooden spoon manufacturer with fast delivery and strict quality control. Factory have passed ISO and FSC certificate. Get factory price at Vinzor Wood Products, fast delivery and on time service. Free samples are available at any time. We are a professional, experienced and reliable wooden spoon manufacturer in China for disposable wooden and bamboo tableware. Contact us to get more information.

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item17cm big shovel wooden spoon
factory typewooden spoon manufacturer
knife size170mm
fork size170mm
spoon size170mm
surface treatmentphysical polishing
pack quantity100pcs, 250pcs, 300pcs
pack materialbox, bags, individual wrap, flowpack dispenser
can supply to e-commerce platformyes
customize it MOQ1 carton
OEM orderyes
samplesfree sample

Vinzor Wood Products Co., Ltd - Wooden Spoon Manufacturer

Why Wooden Cutlery

  • Big shovel spoon is highly welcomed by wholesalers, as it have a relatively big head, can contain more liquid, can provide users a better meal experience.
  • wooden flatware is a superior replacement for plastic cutlery, because of it’s environment friendly featrure, it is totally safe for our planet.
  • It is easy to take away, perfect for to-go food.
  • Disposable wooden cutlery do not need to wash at all, very convenient to use, therefore, wooden cutlery are very suitable for storage at home for entertaining guests time to time. It’s a gospel for housewives.
  • The wooden flatware is made of natural solid wood, this material is quite safe and healthy for human body. After strict polishing procedure, the surface on the wooden flatware is very smooth, don’t have to worry about burrs which would possibily hurt your hand or mouth.
  • Disposable wooden cutlery is one time use, can effectively avoid cross infection caused by unqualified tableware and reuse.
  • The need of health protection after COVID-19 is rising sharply. People’s awareness of health protection has undoubtedly become stronger after the pandemic. The serving of disposable cutlery would increase sharply.

Shapes and Types For Choice


Vinzor Wood welcome your inquiry and we are ready to serve at any time!

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