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Beveled Ice Cream Sticks (Round Edge)

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beveled ice cream sticks
beveled ice cream sticks
beveled ice cream sticks
beveled ice cream sticks
beveled ice cream sticks
beveled ice cream sticks

Beveled ice cream sticks high quality popsicle sticks birch wood sticks

Beveled ice cream sticks are a unique alternative to regular popsicle sticks. Unlike traditional flat sticks, beveled ice cream sticks feature a rounded edge and angled design that provides greater comfort and precision. These sticks are perfect for enjoying your favorite frozen treats, as well as for use in a wide range of crafting projects.

Made from high-quality birch wood, beveled ice cream sticks are straight, naturally white in color, and have a smooth surface. They offer a durable and reliable option for any project, whether you’re using them to build a model or simply enjoying a refreshing ice cream treat.

Explore our range of beveled ice cream sticks today and discover why they’re the perfect choice for your next project.



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Regular Size:

55x12x2mm,65x10x2mm,85*10*2mm,93x10x2mm ,93*15*2mm,100*10*2mm,114x10x2mm,114x15x2mm

OEM size is welcomed

Material: High quality birch wood

Packing term: customized

Place of origin: China

Color: Natural White

Surface Treatment: color with ink

We are a reliable Beveled Ice Cream Stick Craft Factory

Vinzor Wood have cutting edged technical team and advanced manufacturing equipments. The customer service team will 24hrs online to ready for customer’s questions.  

We are an experienced wooden sticks factory

Vinzor Wood have 20 yrs experience in producing and selling Ice Cream Stick Craft globally. We have enough confidence to be the top icecream sticks factory in the world.

We are a capable ice cream sticks factory

The output of wooden cutlery can up to 1million pcs per day, which means we can finish a 40’fcl within 5 days. We know that time is money.

The factory is under strict quality control, what you see will be what you get.

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