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BBQ Stick

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bbq stick
barbecue sticks
bbq stick
barbecue sticks

BBQ Stick skewer for grilling barbecue sticks

Find best way to grill kabobs at Vinzor wood with best BBQ Stick. Factory price and high quality. BBQ accessories for outdoor cooking and camping, 6″, 8″, 10″. All sizes can be customized. AA grade bamboo skewers, no bent, no dark, no odor, no break. Perfect for kebabs, shish, vegetables, corn, beaf and sausages.

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BBQ Stick Sizes And Suitable Food

2.5*150mmfinger food, food picks, fruit picks,snack picks etc3.5*150mmappetizer chicken3.5*200mmshish kebabs, beaf skewer
2.5*180mmshrimps, fish balls3.5*200mmshish kebabs, beaf skewer3.5*250mmappetizer food picks, fish ball skewer, pork skewer
2.5*200mmhot dogs3.5*250mmappetizer food picks, fish ball skewer, pork skewer3.5*300mmyakitori skewers, hamburgers
2.5*250mmveggie kebabs bbq, shish kabobs3.5*300mmyakitori skewers, hamburgers5.0*350mmhot pot skewers, small skewers
2.5*300mmhot pot skewers, small skewers3.5*350mmrotate bbq skewer5.0*400mmpineapple, sausage, corns
3.0*150mmpineapple, sausage, corns4.0*200mmappetizer chicken5.0*450mmappetizer food picks, fish ball skewer, pork skewer
3.0*180mmappetizer food picks, fish ball skewer, pork skewer4.0*250mmfloss sticks6.0*250mmmarshmallow sticks and special use
3.0*200mmyakitori skewers, hamburgers4.0*300mmcotton candy6.0*300mmmarshmallow sticks and special use
3.0*250mmburger skewers, hamburgers4.0*350mmmeat and potatoes skewer6.0*350mm
3.0*300mmmalaysian satay skewer4.0*400mmcotton candy6.0*400mm
3.0*350mmmeat and potatoes skewer5.0*250mmpotato tower6.0*450mm
3.5*150mmappetizer chicken5.0*300mmveggie kebabs bbq, shish kabobs6.0*500mm

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