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High Quality Bamboo Teppo Skewers 3.5-10″

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bamboo teppo skewer
bamboo teppo skewer

Bamboo Teppo Skewers Yakitory Skewers Bamboo Skewer Sticks With Handle

Bamboo Teppo Skewers also known as teppo skewer, gun shaped skewer or yakitori skewer, is a type of flat bamboo skewer with a handle at one end. It’s name come from Japanese means gun shaped. It’s square stick part and flag handle make it easy to hold soft food like tofu, fish ball and sushi. Long paddle skewers like 18cm can be used for barbecue and yakitory, short teppo gushi skewers 12cm and 10cm can be used for finger food, cupcakes etc. Your guests would be attracted by the foods with these special teppo gushi skewers.

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Item Nameteppo skewer/ teppo gushi skewer / paddle skewer / bamboo skewer
bamboo kebab sticks / bamboo flat skewer
Materialhigh quality fresh natural bamboo
Categorydisposable tableware, home & garden, outdoor accessories, bbq accessories,
eco friendly, biodegradable
Popular sizes7, 9, 10, 11, 12, 15, 18, 20, 21, 22, 25, 28, 30cm
Quality typewith knot and without knot. (without knot most popular)
Logo printinghot stamp on the handle, can customize single size or double size.
if you need customize packing, please contact us
(skewer stick part
 outside of handle)
square stick part or round stick part for choice. (square most popular)
Sharpblunt or sharp, can customize a certain dimension of sharp point.
Special customizespecial shape can be customized.
Skin colorwith skin green or without skin yellow
MOQ1 carton

High quality paddle skewers feature

Also it’s feature of eco friendly and food safety makes it perfect for decoration and frying. while it is always ideal as barbecue accessory. The skewer color can be natural bamboo yellow(without skin), or natural green(with skin) depends on different application.

The paddle skewers are mostly supplied to food factory for ready-made food products, restaurants for take away, and super markets for retail.

teppo skewers

How to select a reliable bamboo teppo skewer factory?

teppo bamboo skewers

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