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7.5-21cm Wooden Cutlery Manufacturer

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wooden cutlery manufacturer
disposable wooden spoon
wooden forks disposable
wooden cutlery manufacturer
disposable wooden spoon
wooden forks disposable

Vinzor wood is a wooden cutlery manufacturer which provides disposable wooden tableware including wooden forks, knives, spoon, ice cream sticks, coffee stirrers, toothpicks, skewers etc.

7.5-21cm disposable wooden cutlery manufacturer 43 types and sizes forks and knives made of premium quality birch wood

itemdisposable wooden cutlery
materialbirch wood
surface treatmentphysical polishing
pack quantity100pcs, 250pcs, 300pcs
pack material for optionplastic bags, boxes, individual wrap,
flowpack dispenser
MOQ1 carton
samplesfree sample
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Disposable Wooden Cutlery Family Show

Customers' concern about disposable wooden cutlery manufacturer

At vinzor wood, we know it very well about our customers’ concern. As a business owner, wholesaler, trader or direct user like restaurants, bakery or catering business, how to find and maintain a reliable supplier is very important in the business running. Contact Now

Wooden forks and knives are small product, but it create a big value in environment protection. Disposable wooden cutlery manufacturer plays an important role in the business of catering, food services, food packaging etc.

We know how hard it is to start a business with a new supplier.

Imagine you are buying several cartons or a full container, the following steps are the least what you have to look into:

  • To find a supplier. From platform or google or somehting. That costs a lot time. 
  • To get quoted. 5 from 10 suppliers can reply, and 3 from 5 could provide an effective quotation is the normal situation. that means 70% of your time is wasted in the procedure of getting quoted.
  • Do the background check. Among all the suppliers who quoted, some are reliable but some are not. some are professional but some are not, some are experienced and understand your requirement very well but some are not.

Do they have an export license?

Can they arrange shipment for you?

Are they are big or small factory or trader?

Are they able to provide all the documents and files you need?

Do they have the certificate you require?

  • You have to give your own judgement. All these works cost energy and time.
  • To get quality proof. To get some sample, or just see some pictures. Though wooden cutlery is a small product, however China is so big who is supplying goods to the whole world from the time of THE SILK ROAD. There are tremendous standards to fit different market. So make sure you are getting the right quality which meets your standard also requires special effort.
  • Check into production. what material will the supplier use for your product, is the quality same with what they promised, same with sample or same with what you seen before order? By printing your logo on bags or cutlery handle can help make an impressive brand. Are the factory capable with packing to meet your requirement, which asks great resources integration capability of the factory?
  • Follow up the delivery. There is no doubt that to deliver on time is very important for the buyer. But it is also obvious that not all the supplier can do that. It is constrained by many factors. During special time, such as the recent pandemic, big holiday, or hot sale season, bad weather, government policy etc. Is this supplier able to give an accurate predict for the deadline, or capable to deal with these situations. Do they have stock for standard size for immediate delivery? Are they able to arrange propriate shipment under reasonable cost, can they do door to door delivery without extra cost? All these counts.
  • After sale service. Receiving the goods is far not the end of the order. The pack or cartons should remain good condition after a long shipment. The quality should same as what you seen before order. For a large wholesaler or trader, product shelf life should also take into account.

Still there are far not only above details need to pay attention to. payment terms, on time reply, even a pleasure communication etc.

At vinzor wood, all the above questions are not questions any more. leave them to us, get your one-step order solution.

As it says,

Any business that ignores sustainability is unlikely to do well in this age of conscious consumption

You can trust vinzorwood because of our belief:

Victory: pursue mutual benefit, get victory for both parties.  

In the thing: focus on what we do

Never give up: to be stronger and faster

Zero: be modesty, empty ourselves and learn from the market

Original: remain true to the original aspiration

Rise: a hopefully expect for the future

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