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Precautions for the use of wooden tableware

Nowadays, there are many wooden kitchen household utensils, and wooden tableware is also loved by more and more families. One returns to nature and advocates the original ecology; but wooden kitchen household utensils are healthier and more environmentally friendly. The third is that wooden kitchen household items have the value of artistic appreciation. People who like art and style also prefer wooden kitchen household items.

Generally, wooden tableware can be divided into two types: “painted” and “unpainted”. The painted tableware has a smooth surface, while the unpainted tableware exudes a rustic background, and each has its own favorite fans.

“Compared with unpainted wooden tableware, a layer of lacquer can prevent the wood from being invaded by foreign substances,” said Lin Sufen, a housewife. Painted tableware not only has a brighter surface, but is also easier to maintain and use.

As for the bare wood tableware that is advertised as “no artificial coating”, there is no need to worry about the problems caused by painting, but the biggest disadvantage is “fear of water”. Life magician Chen Yingru
It is pointed out that the wood itself has pores that are invisible to the naked eye. If it is not dried after cleaning, it is easy to cause the wood hair to rot and mold, and the external dirt and grease can easily penetrate through it.

Therefore, it is recommended that before using unpainted tableware for the first time, after washing the tableware completely and drying it, take a kitchen towel or napkin with a little olive oil or wipe the tableware with a mixture of olive oil and white vinegar in a ratio of 2:1, so that the surface forms a uniform A protective layer, although not as completely sealed as lacquer, is also protective.

5 taboos for serving food on wooden utensils

Painted tableware not only has a brighter surface, but also is more convenient to maintain and use.

Wooden tableware can be used for a long time and can be used with peace of mind. Lin Sufen reminds that the following 5 small details should not be ignored:

1. When placing fried food, place a layer of oil-absorbing paper: Use wooden utensils for fried chicken, sweet and not spicy
When waiting for high-temperature, high-fat food, remember to put a piece of oil-absorbing paper to prevent the food from directly touching the wood, which will help prolong the service life of the tableware.

2. Don’t use wooden tableware for easy-to-dye food: If you use light-colored wooden tableware, don’t put food that is easy to dye, such as curry. The edge of the cutlery is marked with a yellow waterline.

3. Never put it in the microwave oven: Never put wooden tableware in the microwave oven. Wooden tableware has moisture in itself because of its plant cell wall. Once it is heated in a microwave oven at high temperature, when the moisture content inside the tableware is uneven, it is easy to deform or even crack.

4. It is best not to put it in the refrigerator: It is best to change the container and put it in the refrigerator for the food that cannot be eaten. The refrigerator itself will absorb water. If the wooden tableware is placed in the refrigerator for a long time, the inside of the tableware is too dry and easily deformed.

5. Do not open moldy fruits next to wooden tableware: Once you find moldy fruits in plastic bags, do not open them. The spores are invisible to the naked eye on moldy fruits, which are easy to spread in the air. Because wooden tableware itself contains moisture, it is easy to become a breeding ground for mold.

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