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Mildew-proof maintenance guide for wooden kitchen utensils

Wooden chopsticks and wooden shovels, which were originally purchased for the pursuit of a healthier lifestyle, were unexpectedly moldy soon after they started. And the terrifying mold may even cause the stomach-causing Helicobacter pylori in people’s bodies!

So abandon the moldy wooden chopsticks and bamboo chopsticks? Plastic chopsticks and metal chopsticks do not seem to be the first choice for health! Learning to maintain wooden chopsticks and staying away from mold is the first choice to make family diet healthier.

Mildew-proof maintenance guide for wooden kitchen utensils

Mildew causes of wooden kitchen utensils

When it comes to why chopsticks and wooden shovels get moldy, in addition to being unsightly, the editor also made a self-examination on the rough maintenance of kitchen utensils:

·Incomplete cleaning. After frying an egg with a wooden spatula, the nasty fried egg will stick to the spatula. If the brushing is not thorough enough, some food still sticks to the spatula, then if you haven’t used it for about a week, it will definitely get moldy.

·The water in wooden chopsticks has not been thoroughly dried. Many people like to put chopsticks densely on the chopstick rack to dry. Drying chopsticks in this way can only dry the exposed chopsticks, while the other chopsticks are wet, because the chopsticks have a strong water absorption capacity. If the chopsticks are not drained for a long time, the chopsticks are very easy to mold. You can’t see it with the naked eye, it’s also full of bacteria.

· Put chopsticks that are not completely dry in the cupboard. Putting semi-wet wooden chopsticks in a sealed cupboard is a disaster. Xiaobian tried to put chopsticks in this way carelessly, and left them untouched for several days. As a result, both chopsticks and shovels grew long Fluffy mold.

Mildew-proof maintenance guide for wooden kitchen utensils


Wooden kitchen utensils should be placed in hollow chopstick tubes, and the shelves themselves should be cleaned and disinfected frequently. And placed in a dry, ventilated place. Don’t just leave wet chopsticks at night, or put them directly in the cupboard. On a sunny day, it is best to dry the chopsticks in the sun.


· Cleaning

Many people like to soak kitchen utensils and find it easy to clean, but this does not apply to wooden kitchen utensils. The dishwashing liquid may enter the inside of the chopsticks. The correct cleaning method should be to apply the dishwashing liquid and rub it carefully, then rinse it, drain the water, and put it on a hollow rack to dry.


Wooden kitchen utensils are not suitable for disinfection in the disinfection cabinet, so disinfection will be a little more troublesome. Put chopsticks into boiling water for half an hour every week, and then put them in the air to dry and use them, which can achieve the effect of disinfection. But if there is mold, can the wooden kitchen utensils continue to be used? It is recommended that after cleaning and disinfection, observe whether discoloration or spots appear. If so, the chopsticks are moldy and are no longer suitable for use.


The most commonly used wooden kitchen utensils, wooden chopsticks are things that cannot be used all the time. Never use chopsticks for a year or two. You need to replace chopsticks every 3-6 months. · Selection rules of wooden kitchen utensils The use and preservation of wooden kitchen utensils will be a little more troublesome, so when choosing, you must pay more attention to the selection of materials, so as not to add trouble to yourself, and do not leave hidden dangers to the health of the family’s diet.


natural wooden chopsticks However, those painted wooden chopsticks may contain heavy metals, lead and organic solvent benzene and other substances in the surface coating, so it is not recommended for everyone to use them.

· Raw lacquer chopsticks are more durable and safe In order to reduce the mildew of chopsticks and prolong the life of chopsticks. Some manufacturers apply raw lacquer to chopsticks. Raw lacquer does not belong to paint, it is a kind of natural lacquer, which is not harmful to people. There are also quite a few chopsticks polished with beeswax, also known as “lacquer-free chopsticks,” which are supposed to be more durable than completely bare chopsticks.

Choose chopsticks with a tighter texture Chopsticks with a loose texture have a strong water absorption capacity and are more prone to mildew. When the ordinary wooden chopsticks in Xiaobian Jun’s house are moldy, the iron-wood long chopsticks with tight texture are safe and sound. So don’t be cheap when choosing chopsticks, such as white wenge with loose texture, if you don’t apply some raw lacquer, it is very unsuitable for wooden chopsticks.

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