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Matters needing attention in the selection and use of tableware


1. When purchasing ceramic tableware, it is best to choose disposable wooden tableware with white inner wall without on-glaze pigment

Newly bought ceramic tableware can be soaked and boiled with 4% vinegar water, which can remove harmful substances. When purchasing ceramic tableware, choose products with fine processing, dense appearance, uniform luster, smooth surface and uniform and solid glaze layer. It is best to choose products with advanced technology and environmentally friendly pigments.


2. Do not choose brightly colored plastic tableware

According to the detection, the color patterns of some plastics have excessive release of lead, cadmium and other heavy gold elements. Therefore, try to choose colorless and odorless plastic tableware without decorative patterns. In addition, when buying instant noodles, pay attention to the logo on the bottom of the bowl, which is marked as “PS” (polystyrene) or “PP” (polypropylene) and you can use it with confidence. The foamed plastic contains a foaming agent. After being soaked in hot water, the harmful substances in the foaming agent will dissolve out and enter the human body with food. In addition to being non-degradable, disposable foam plastic boxes also have the above problems, so they are prohibited from being used.

3. Do not choose paint chopsticks

Painted chopsticks, while highly decorative, are not desirable from a health standpoint. Because paint contains lead, cadmium and other toxic substances. People are better off using unpainted bamboo or wooden chopsticks that meet hygiene standards.

4. Non-stick pans, rice cookers, etc. are not suitable for dry burning

On the inner wall of non-stick pans and rice cookers, there is a plastic coating made of polytetrachloroethylene. When heated above 400°C, the coating may release the toxic gas tetrafluoroethylene. Therefore, people must not let non-stick pans and rice cookers burn empty.

5. Iron and aluminum tableware should not be used together

Although iron tableware is safe, if it is used in conjunction with aluminum tableware, it will bring greater harm to the human body. Since aluminum and iron are two metals with different chemical reactivities, when water is present, aluminum and iron can form a chemical battery, which results in more aluminum ions entering the food. Therefore, tableware such as aluminum spoons, aluminum shovels and iron pans should not be used together.

There are many kinds of tableware, each with its pros and cons. It is generally believed that aluminum pots should be used as little as possible, stainless steel pots should be used for cooking, iron pots and copper pots should be used for cooking, and casseroles should be used for soups and stews.

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