Ice Cream Sticks

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Ice cream sticks can be used in many ways

ice cream factories use them for machine feeding in mass production. Vinzor wood ice cream sticks are supplied to many big manufacturers in China, America, Netherland, Danmark etc. There are many quality details to pay attention to in order to meet the requirement of the automatic feeding machine, For example, they must be very straight when going into the machine smoothly instead of bending over which could possibility stuck the machine.

What’s more, many factories require round edge stick to improve the taste experience of there consumers. Though round edge sticks are better in the mouth feeling, however, it is not always applicable. It should be customized according to different application and customer requirement. That’s why it is important to full communication before order.

Also popsicle sticks are welcomed in home DIY. Many families and restaurants like to DIY ice cream sticks as an entertainment or a treat of their guests. So we have special DIY packing in small bags, which are sold by distributors and supermarkets. People can buy them in almost every kitchenware store.

What’s more, we supply colorful ice cream sticks for hand craft. You can search “ice cream sticks” on tiktok, there are many videos to teach how to play with an ice cream stick. Some are very funny. A lot of kinder garden and primary school take this as one of there class to do with their students.

Except for ice cream sticks, there are still many ice cream spoons in different sizes to meet different kind of ice cream stick, like 8cm small spoons for haagen-dazs or ice cream ball etc. Come to Vinzor-wood, let’s find out more possibility.