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How to use bamboo sticks correctly?

Bamboo skewers are a common tableware used for picking up food or tasting snacks. Although it seems simple, the correct use method can make eating more convenient, hygienic and beautiful. Here are some suggestions on how to use bamboo stick

bamboo sticks for bbq

1、Wash bamboo sticks
Before using bamboo skewers, you should make sure they are clean. You can wash bamboo sticks with warm water and soap, then dry them with paper towels. If you are using disposable bamboo skewers, then you should make sure the package is opened and free from contamination before use.

2、Choose the correct bamboo stick size
Bamboo skewers come in a variety of sizes, from very small for picking up small foods, to larger for skewering meat. Therefore, when choosing bamboo skewers, you should consider what you will be using them for. If you’re using the skewers to pick up small foods, the smaller skewers will suffice, but if you’re skewering meat, then you’ll need the larger skewers.

3、Be careful when using bamboo sticks
When using bamboo skewers for food service, you should be careful not to stab yourself or others. Be careful not to prick your fingers when placing the skewers on the food. Also, be careful not to burn yourself when you use bamboo sticks to pick up hot food. You can protect yourself by wearing a pair of gloves or using kitchen utensils, such as tongs, over the skewers.

4、Bamboo sticks should not be used more than once
Disposable skewers should only be used once. Reusing bamboo skewers may lead to bacterial growth and cross-contamination. Once you’ve used the skewers, you should dispose of them in the trash.

5、Pay attention to hygiene
When using bamboo sticks, you should pay attention to hygiene. If you use a skewer to pick up some food and then put it back in the food dish, this could lead to cross-contamination of bacteria. Therefore, when you use bamboo sticks to pick up food, you should put them on your own plate or bowl to avoid spreading bacteria to others.

In short, the correct use method can make bamboo sticks more convenient, hygienic and beautiful. By following the above tips, you can ensure that your bamboo skewers are safer and more hygienic.

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