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How To Find Reliable Wooden Cutlery Manufacturer In China?

As we all know, Chinese goods are welcomed all over the world. They are cheap but also of good quality and make considerable profits. In this unsure and unpredictable era, China’s international trade is still pouring into all parts of the world, providing people all over the world with rich and colorful products and services. Distributors around the world want to find reliable Chinese Wooden Cutlery Manufacturers. Finding a factory means that you can get the goods you want at the best price, and the production process is more controllable and more confident about quality or packaging details. But finding reliable factory is not easy. The information on the network is complex and difficult to distinguish, which requires a lot of time to sort out and check. Now let me teach you how to distinguish reliable Chinese manufacturer.

wooden cutlery manufacturer

1. Google searches for product “keywords”+ “China” or “manufacturer” (for example: "wooden cutlery manufacturer").

Google is the world’s largest search engine and one of the most accessible tools. In China, where the Internet is developing rapidly, factories have long been good at using this powerful tool to expand their brand in the world platform. Most large manufacturers will use Google for online publicity. Buyers can get a lot of useful information through appropriate search. Generally, Chinese companies that do Google Advertising can be trusted.

disposable cutlery factory

2. B2B platforms loved by Chinese people, such as Alibaba, Global-Source and Made-In-China.

These three B2B platforms are the most popular and used by Chinese factory. By searching keywords on the B2B platform, you can get a large amount of supplier information, where you can see the entry time and credit rating of the enterprise, and you can intuitively see the basic situation of the enterprise. But it’s full of traders. If you want to find a direct factory, you need to distinguish it carefully.

wooden cutlery china

3.,which is the largest search engine in China.

Enter Chinese keywords in the search box, you can get a lot of product information and supplier information. Of course, you may need a translator to put the domain name into Google translation, get the translation results, and you can see the information of Chinese suppliers. However, this approach has an obvious disadvantage, that is, most suppliers will not do international trade. Even if they have products, they may not be able to sell abroad because they have no export certificate, no transportation channels, no customs procedures, or even a series of problems such as English. So this is not a good choice, unless you know the Chinese market very well, you can operate the export yourself, or you have an agent in China.

wooden cutlery factory

Vinzor Wood Products Co., Ltd is a powerful wooden cutlery manufacturer for disposable wooden and bamboo tableware. They do advertising and compaign on google. Vinzor focus on the production and R & D of wooden cutlery for more than 20 years, the customers have covered more than 60 countries in the world, including Australia, Canada, France, German, Greece, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Mexico, Mauritius, Netherlands, New Zealand, Poland, Saudi Arabia, UAE, UK, United States, and so on.

wooden cutlery factory

Possessing excellent technical team and cutting edged automatic equipment, under strict quality control, the disposable utensils produced by Vinzor are of high quality and safe for food. The wooden forks, knives and spoons are pure white in color, burrs free, odor free. They are highly welcomed by oversea customers.

wooden cutlery manufacturer

Vinzor Wood have more than 11 product categories which covers 120 types and sizes. Many of them have irreplaceable advantages. Up to now, there are up to 43 types of wooden cutlery, including 20 types of wooden spoons, 7 types of wooden forks, 7 types of wooden knives and 9 types of wooden spork. We also have production line for wooden sticks, coffee stirrers, ice cream sticks, tongue depressor, wooden skater, colorful craft sticks, as well as various types of bamboo products. The company has FSC certification, wood traceability, and implements the social responsibility of protecting the environment and caring for the earth.

wooden cutlery manufacturer

Vinzor wood is able to supply sufficient and stable products, as we stockpile a large inventory of raw materials all the time, which enhance the ability to cope with change and risks. We are equipped with automatic packaging machine and hot stamping machine to add wings to your brand and help increasing its influence.

Vinzor wood provides the best disposable tableware supply chain solution for the world’s wholesalers and catering industry, integrating high-quality resources, and help our customers with one-stop purchasing.

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