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How is disposable wooden tableware processed?

When it comes to disposable wooden tableware, anyone who has used it will be attracted by its beauty. This kind of disposable tableware is not afraid of boiling water, it will not deform below 120 ℃, and will not produce harmful substances, and it meets the food hygiene standards and national standards for disposable tableware. The tableware production workshop is a QS-certified dust-free workshop, and the products are molded at 260°C. The product is characterized by acid resistance, alkali resistance, high temperature resistance, cleanliness and visibility are the basic features.

The production process of wooden tableware includes extrusion – high temperature forming – frosted decoration and so on.


1. Sheet extrusion

The equipment used includes mixing equipment – cleaning particle drying equipment – continuous extruder – screen changing equipment – melting pump – T-head – multi-roll calender – cutting equipment – pulling equipment – discharging equipment – bending equipment. Sheet processing lines consisting of these equipment can process granular raw materials into continuous sheets.

2. High temperature forming

The processed sheet is heated at 260°C to make it highly elastic, and then introduced into the corresponding tableware mold pre-stretching equipment, and compressed air is used to extrude these materials into the mold, which can be preliminarily formed after further cooling. , and then cut to get the product. High temperature forming technology is a common method for processing products. The air pressure of wooden tableware is generally positive pressure of about 0.6MPa. This method integrates positive pressure thermoforming technology.

3. Frosted decoration

The equipment used in this step is usually integrated with the above tableware mold, and at the same time integrates the blanking function, so that the wooden tableware can be decorated and beautified when it is formed, and can make logos and production license certification marks.

The mold of disposable tableware should be regularly maintained. Its smoothness and cleanliness affect the quality of wooden tableware products, and are also the basis for ensuring stable production and improving efficiency.
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