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High-value wooden tableware can increase your appetite by 50%

In addition to the enjoyment of the taste, the food

There are also visual stimuli.

As a tasteful foodie,

Not only must the food be delicious and delicious,

There are also requirements for the appearance of the tableware.

Use high-quality kitchen utensils,

It will stimulate people’s appetite and increase people’s sense of happiness.

What a beautiful food,

If there is no matching tableware,

It will also greatly reduce its visual beauty.

There may also be decreased appetite.

Today I’m going to introduce to you several kinds of wooden tableware.

Not only are they handsome,

And the material is natural,

Without adding any harmful substances, it is more secure to use.


I like the texture of the circles the most.

With the fresh taste of nature,

Round and lovely yet delicate shape,

There is a romantic feeling of returning to nature,

It makes people want to return to the countryside in minutes.

Come on, let’s make one today

Tasteful foodies!



handmade wooden bowl,

Each has natural knife marks,

These knife marks,

It records the story of each carpenter and his woodware.

The wooden bowl below has a wider diameter.

It looks elegant and easy to use.

One-time molding of natural materials, the color of the original ecological tree,

As if you can smell the fragrance of the trees.


And this one,

The texture of the wood is clearly visible, with the growth rings of the years,

Bring a fresh, idyllic vibe to your home,

The dark tones and the material of the log add an artistic color to it.


And of course this,

Not only can be used as instant noodle bowls, but also as salad bowls,

It is a very practical tableware.

Whether it is soup noodles, fried noodles, mixed noodles, salads, stir-fried vegetables,

Desserts, etc. are all very elegant decoration tableware.

Small and round shape, the wood texture is even more pleasing to the eye.



Natural wood grain, no identical texture,

are products of nature,

Using such a chopstick or spoon,

Even eating has become enjoyable.


The following is a pair of chopsticks that can be combined into one,

The feel is top-notch, and the spiral design allows

The two chopsticks are integrated into one, and the workmanship is fine.

Very interesting design, providing a small highlight for life.


And this wooden spoon, exudes a light fragrance,

It can prevent insects and can also be very effective against moisture.

The stability is very good and the degree of deformation is very low.

Healthy and durable.


Of course, there are forks of different shapes~



The wooden plates are carefully carved by craftsmen,

Each one is incredibly beautiful.


Deer, gentle and lovely, full of spirituality,

Combined with the simple beauty of wood,

Create such an antler dinner plate,

The more polished, the warmer, even those who can’t cook,

It also developed a good new passion for making delicious food.


The plate below,

Clear texture, uniform wood texture,

Soft and smooth tones,

It can be used to serve delicious dishes to increase appetite!


And this super durable children’s plate,

It just melts my heart!

Use it as a dinner plate for the children at home,

I believe they will eat well!

Of course, if you want to use

There are also adult models here~



This heat-insulating and anti-scalding solid wood drinking cup,

After dozens of craftsmanship,

Repeated grinding,

There is the solid wood anti-scalding water cup we have seen.

Its texture is fine and smooth,

It also feels great to hold in your hand!


Trays and Cutting Boards

Trays and cutting boards are generally carved from a single piece of wood.

Simple and comfortable shape with hand-carved knife marks,

Incorporate the creator’s modern thinking and spirit,

A work of ingenuity that brings peace to the heart.

In addition, the tray can also be used on both sides.

One side as a chopping board, the other side as a tray, all right~


Other auxiliary tableware

In addition to the various bowls, chopsticks, forks and spoons mentioned above,

and cups, trays, cutting boards, etc.,

There are many wooden tableware and kitchen utensils,

For example, the following, chopsticks, small wooden plates, etc.

It is also exquisitely unnecessary!


In fact, tableware is not only a container for people,

It is also a way of conveying the taste of life.

But everyone’s preferences are different.

The most important thing is to find the style you like~

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