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Handmade gifts using ice cream sticks

What crafts can ice cream sticks be made of? We have collected more than 30 exquisite crafts made with popsicle sticks for you, so be sure to collect or share them, so as not to find them the next time you want to make them. Take a look and try to create something beautiful yourself.

Ice-cream sticks can be made into many handicrafts. Remember not to throw them away when you eat ice-cream in summer. Collect them so you can use them to achieve different crafts.

All you need is a stick, glue, and a little time to DIY these little things below.

house made of popsicle sticks


If you’re making a house from an ice cream stick, here’s what it looks like:


The house made of ice cream sticks looks so beautiful and original.

You can also do this by gluing together popsicle sticks and painting them.

ice cream stick storage box


If you want to make one or more boxes from popsicle sticks, just grab the ice cream sticks, glue, and see what kind of boxes you can make.

To make a wooden barrel: All you need is a pull can bottle and a popsicle stick.

plane made of ice cream sticks


See how easy it is to make a plane out of ice cream sticks.

All you need is clothespins and ice cream sticks to make a plane.

animal popsicle stick

Animals can also be made from children’s popsicle sticks. It’s easy and fast. Again just glue the popsicles together and decorate. Please refer to the pattern below!

Popsicle stick photo frame


You can also make creative photo frames yourself.

Snowflakes made from ice cream sticks

You can also make snowflakes out of popsicle sticks. Just glue all the ice cream sticks together. Here’s what the finished snowflake looks like:

cot made of popsicle sticks

You can easily make a crib out of ice cream sticks for kids to load up and play with.

The pictures are shared here, and you can also use your imagination to make more beautiful and interesting little handicrafts with ice cream sticks.

Your favourite Oreo snack is now available as an ice cream bar. The Oreo Ice Cream Bar offers you a creamy flavour with crushed chocolate flavour biscuit pieces with vanilla flavour filling.

Ice cream sticks can be found in select stores in Singapore, individually wrapped ice cream coated with Oreo cookies, if you just want an ice cream stick, you can click our product to buy it.

We also have coloured ice cream sticks, which can be used as handicrafts for children, as well as ice cream stick by joy cowley, etc. You can use ice cream sticks to make gifts by hand, and then give them to children or friends or even your lover.

Interested friends can use wooden ice cream sticks to make a handicraft. The raw material of our company’s wooden ice cream sticks is birch, which is made of pure white high-grade birch. The surface is smooth and burr-free. Machine feeding (on the machine) and hand made (hand made), fsc certificate, to ensure food safety, welcome to contact us.

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