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Decorative Skewers

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Decorative Skewers - Eye-catching dishes!

The Decorative skewers food picks are normally made of bamboo, wood and paper. All these materials are food safety, designed follow the top trend of fashion. Bamboo picks such as knotted bamboo picks, heart shape bamboo picks, bead bamboo picks are normally used in sandwich, sushi and cupcakes. Wood and paper picks such as flag toothpicks, umbrella toothpicks and other decorative picks are mostly used for hamburgers or cocktails etc.



How to decorate your dishes with decorative skewers?

  • Set the plate properly. According to the food’s feature and shape, make a design to look neat in basic shape like in line or round.
  • Matching the right color of the dish to work up an appetite by adding proper food picks which would also improve stereo scene.
  • Choose the right style of decoration picks according to the theme of the dish and party, for example flamingo for a wedding, peppa pig for a children birthday party etc. In Vinzor Wood, the decoration skewers come in more than 100 styles, can meet different scene.
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