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Disposable wooden fork, bring convenience and healthy life

The quality of national life must be comfortable, simple, convenient and hassle-free. Eating is the happiest and happiest thing in life, and only those who know how to eat have a moist life. When eating, you must choose a nutritious, healthy, safe and hygienic way of eating, and nutritious and delicious food can be said to be full of tricks. Please do not refuse disposable dining tools when eating. Disposable tableware can be used repeatedly, which is safer and more hygienic.

disposable wooden fork

Disposable wooden forks are not only cheap, but also do not need to be washed several times after use like tableware at home, they can be directly packaged and thrown away, which is a good choice for lazy people. What’s more, some disposable forks are better than the forks at home in terms of appearance and quality, which is in everyone’s heart.

1. Disposable fruit wooden fork

The daily life of many families is unique. Even fruit is not just cut, washed and eaten. Not only can it be cut into patterns, but it will also be accompanied by a delicate fruit plate. The more important enjoyment link must be the cooperation of fruit forks. In addition to ensuring the hygiene and cleanliness of the entrance, they can make you eat more delicate and elegant.

The disposable wooden fruit fork is made of food-grade plastic material, non-toxic and odorless, healthy and environmentally friendly, and can be used with confidence. The quantity of 100 pieces per pack is enough to meet the daily needs of multiple people at the same time. The sharp tines make it easy to pick up fruit without falling off, and the handle is thick and comfortable to hold. The fork seam and fork edge are finely crafted, smooth without burrs, and more comfortable to use.

2. Disposable cake wooden fork

Disposable wooden fork, bring convenience and healthy life
When it comes to cakes, everyone is familiar with them. It is essential for birthdays every year! There will always be a layer of cream on the cake. If you eat it directly with your hands, your hands will definitely be full of oil. Therefore, prepare a disposable cake fork, which will allow you to better share the joy of your birthday with your relatives and friends.

Disposable wooden forks with optional lengths to fully meet your different needs. It can be used as cake fork, fruit fork, dessert fork, etc. The edges are smooth and there are no burrs, so you can use it with confidence. Food grade PP material, in line with environmental protection requirements, no peculiar smell, no poison. Thickened quality, not easy to deform, more assured to use. Bulk packaging, individual packaging, multi-color multi-option.

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