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Disposable tableware testing items and standards

With the continuous improvement of people’s living standards, various disposable paper daily necessities emerge in an endless stream, and many kinds of household paper used in different occasions have been introduced. In China, the penetration rate of disposable paper products, especially toilet paper and feminine hygiene products, is much higher in first-tier cities than in second- and third-tier cities and rural areas.

Is the takeaway dirty? This article explains the testing items and standards of disposable tableware in detail

Disposable tableware inspection

Disposable tableware is divided into the following three categories according to the source of raw materials, production process, degradation method and recycling level:

Biodegradable categories: such as paper products (including pulp molding, cardboard coating), edible powder molding, plant fiber molding, etc.;

Light/biodegradable materials: light/biodegradable plastics (non-foaming), such as photobiodegradable PP; easy-to-recycle materials: such as polypropylene (PP), high impact polystyrene (HIPS) ), biaxially oriented polystyrene (BOPS), natural inorganic mineral filled polypropylene composite products, etc.

scope of test:

Paper cups, instant noodle bowls, disposable chopsticks, disposable straws, disposable lunch boxes, disposable paper bags, disposable plastic tableware, disposable pulp tableware, disposable bamboo tableware, disposable starch tableware, etc.

Test items:

Physical property testing, health index testing, microbial testing, migration testing, sensory testing, heavy metal testing, formaldehyde dissolution testing, volatile organic compounds testing, etc.

Is the takeaway dirty? This article explains the testing items and standards of disposable tableware in detail
Disposable tableware inspection

Test standard:

HJ/T 202-2005 Technical requirements for environmental labeling products – Disposable tableware

HJBZ 35-1999 Vegetable fiber disposable tableware

T/GDID 2002-2018 Disposable cutlery bag

SS 356-1991 Specification for disposable polystyrene tableware

GB/T 27590-2011 paper cups

GB 9689-1988 Hygienic standard for polystyrene moldings for food packaging

JJF (Light Industry) 111-2018 Calibration Specification for Paper Cup Body Stiffness Tester

QB/T 4032-2010 Paper cup base paper

QB/T 5023-2017 Paper cup body stiffness tester

SN/T 3250.1-2013 Rules for the inspection of import and export paper products – Part 1: Scraper conveyors for paper cups, plates and the like

GB 9685-2008 Hygienic Standard for the Use of Additives for Food Containers and Packaging Materials

GB 4806 National Standard for Food Safety

DB31/ 31-1998 Disposable degradable tableware

GB/T 36787-2018 Pulp moulding tableware

GB 18006.1-2009 General technical requirements for plastic disposable tableware

GB 13113-1991 Hygienic standard for polyethylene terephthalate molded articles for food containers and packaging materials

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