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Disposable Wooden Cutlery Manufacturer

Vinzor Wood is a wooden product manufacturer, specialized in the production and exporting of  wooden forks and knives, wooden ice cream sticks, wooden coffee stirrers, wooden sticks, wooden plates, and related disposable tableware accessories for our wholesaler customers in catering supply, restaurants, food service etc.

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Advantages of wood cutlery

The need of health protection after COVID-19. People’s awareness of health protection has undoubtedly become stronger after the pandemic. Disposable cutlery is one time use, can completely avoids the cross infection caused by unqualified tableware and reuse, and prevent the sp read the virus The serving of disposable cutlery would increase sharply.

Wooden and bamboo cutlery set is eco-friendly, they are biodegradable and renewable. Under the background of plastic crisis, 170 nations have pledged to “significantly reduce” use of plastics by 2030. In china, more than 6,300 KFC restaurants will replace s ingle- Use plastic cutlery with wooden cutlery for in-room and take-away meals.

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Wooden disposable cutlery Features

Be made of solid birch wood or bamboo, the advantages are obvious in following aspects:

100% Eco-friendly

Birch wood is rich in resources, renewable and biodegradable; bamboo is a kind of fast growing plant, the development of bamboo products is encouraged by government and environmentalist. Reasonable felling of bamboo not only does not damage the ecology, but also benefits its regeneration.

Safe and healthy

Both birch wood and bamboo are organic and natural. There is no coatings, dye nor bleach, no any chemical components on it. People can enjoy their food with no worries.

Smooth on the surface

The surface of the knife, spoon and fork are well polished, you will feel very smooth, can bring your guest a good tasting experience.

There is no extra tastes

On the wooden fork and knife, let the food as delicious as it is, suitable for both hot and icy food.

The using of wood cutlery is a sign of youth and fashion

Nowadays more and more young catering providesr are bringing in wood cutlery, which is highly welcomed by the consumers. What’s more, if you print your logo on the spoon, fork and knife, you will be able to upgrade your impression on consumers. No matter you are a restaurant, hotel, fast food joint or cafeteria, even a dessert shop, wooden cutlery and bamboo cutlery will be your best choice.

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