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Disposable Chopsticks

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The truth of disposable chopsticks, Environmentally friendly

There is a misunderstanding about chopsticks from our childhood: disposable chopsticks are not environmentally friendly. They worry that families, takeaways and restaurants consume so many disposable chopsticks every day that many trees are destroyed. The most common claim is that a 20-year-old birch tree can only make 3,000 pairs of wooden chopsticks.  At first glance, this is indeed a waste of environmental resources, but in fact it is not true.

The raw materials of chopsticks mainly come from artificially planted economic trees, such as birches, poplars and bamboo which grow very fast. Planting economic trees now have become a good way for tree farmers to get rich. More and more people join in as tree farmer, we get more and more resources and our planet get more and more forest.

In the year of 2019, Chinese chopsticks exporting amount is 55010.6 tons, equal to 13.75 billion pairs. Take a look at our neighbor Japan. 99% of the chopsticks are imported from China, this is because they have too little land and expensive crops, leading to most of Japan’s chopsticks are very expensive. Instead, China’s chopsticks are cheaper and high quality. Now China’s bamboo chopsticks have been a good choice for wholesalers all around the world.

It is worth learning that wood chopsticks bulk in Japan are not thrown away, but recycled.  It is understood that recycling 3 pairs of disposable chopsticks can produce a postcard, or a piece of A4 copy paper.  If the disposable chopsticks cannot produce paper, they can be mixed with other materials and processed as raw materials for thermal power generation, so as to maximize the utilization of natural resources.  

So the consumption of disposable chopsticks not only does not lead to the reduction of trees, but also a good way to encourage more and more people to plant tree, and also a good way of ecnomic development.

Note: chopsticks are closely related to food healthy, buy chopsticks please select regular factory to avoid potential harm. Vinzor is a good choice.

Different food cultures all over the world, different habbits of eating and different tableware are used. Westerners use cutlery and Asians use chopsticks. The eating habits of Asian countries are different, and chopsticks also have different shapes, such as round chopstick, twin chopsticks and tensoge chopsticks etc. Bamboo has also become the main material for making disposable chopsticks because of its environmental protection, easy to shape, health and safety characteristics.

In the context of globalization, Asians are all over the world. Chinese restaurants, Korean cuisine and Japanese cuisine can be seen everywhere. Chopsticks have also become one of the distributors’ favorite products. Vinzor Wood provides most type of chopsticks for customers all around the world at cheap price and high quality.

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