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Can wooden cutlery be brushed with wood wax oil?

Wooden cutlery is tableware made of wood, including wooden bowls, wooden spoons, wooden chopsticks, and bamboo skewer. Compared with ceramic tableware, wooden tableware is more resistant to dirt, fall, scalding and heat insulation, so it is often arranged for children to use.

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Wooden cutlery is not only resistant to falling, but also has one of the most attractive features – appearance. The appearance and feel of wooden tableware are far incomparable to ceramic tableware. The texture and color are different. The body is round and smooth but not easy to slip off.
Can wooden tableware be brushed with wood wax oil?

Since wooden cutlery is in direct contact with food, not all woods can be used to make wooden tableware. Generally, it is necessary to choose wood with high hardness, not easy to absorb water, tasteless, and high safety to make wooden tableware. Common wooden tableware on the market is made of wood such as persimmon tree or apple tree, because this type of wood is hard enough but not moldy and rotten, and there is no harmful odor to the human body.
Can wooden tableware be brushed with wood wax oil?

Wooden cutlery needs to be cleaned after use, but during the cleaning process, moisture will penetrate into the wood, so problems such as mold and cracking will inevitably occur. Therefore, some people will ask whether wooden tableware can be brushed with wood wax oil?

Wooden cutlery is recommended not to be painted with any wood paint. Wood coatings can enhance the water resistance and abrasion resistance of solid wood furniture, but you still need to be vigilant when touching food.

Although wood wax oil is natural and environmentally friendly, the raw materials used are also vegetable oil, selected high-quality wax and vegetable resin, but safety does not mean edible. For example, the wax used in Cherexi High Hardwood Wax Oil is carnauba wax. This wax is also commonly used to adhere to the surface of apples, which is conducive to preservation and preservation during transportation, but we need to clean the surface wax when eating apples.
Can wooden cutlery be brushed with wood wax oil?

How should wooden tableware be maintained?

1. Try to store food that does not contain oil or water, or put a layer of oil-absorbing paper on the tableware.

2. Dry the water in time after cleaning.

3. The storage environment should be kept dry and clean.

4. It is not suitable for drying at high temperature and soaking in boiling water.

5. Regularly replace wooden tableware.

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