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Bamboo Cutlery

Bamboo cutlery is a new product which is very hot sell in a short time after the boom of wooden cutlery. It is good for following reason.

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Bamboo cutlery (spoon) VS Wooden Cutlery (Spoon)

Is disposable bamboo cutlery bamboo spoon better than wooden spoon? What is the difference between the two material?

let’s find out in the following video.

This is a test on the comparison between disposable bamboo cutlery (spoon) and Wooden Cutlery (Spoon).

The test shows 3 aspects after soaking into water/soup: shape stability, strength and liquid volume.

Still there is another important aspect that the video cannot show, the smell.

For all these 4 aspects, bamboo spoon is completely win.

1. Shape stability.

We can see in the beginning of the video that when the wooden spoon was firstly soaked in water, a large number of bubbles were generated on its surface. This is because the wood has many pores. After absorbing water, the air is discharged, so bubbles are generated on the surface.

After the wood absorbs water, it stretches it’s body, and the spoon returns to the flat shape.

Bamboo is an ideal tableware material because of its compact fiber, high density and very small water absorption, so its shape will not be affected by hot or cold water.

2. Strength

In the video, we can see that after two minutes of soaking in hot water, the wooden spoon has softened, it is not able to hold the soup at this time.

The bamboo spoon is still as hard as ever and has not changed at all. This is because bamboo has high density and fine fibers. Water will not penetrate into bamboo, so that its characteristics will not be changed by no matter hot or cold water.

3. liquid volume

this part both spoons are first into water. We simulate the real way of people drinking soup, put the spoon in the soup and then raise it, rather than pouring the liquid into the spoon (removing the effect of water surface tension). We can see that the bamboo spoon has a deeper capacity and can hold about 5ml of liquid. Wooden spoon is less, about 3ml. Moreover, after repeated in and out, the capacity of the bamboo spoon keep the same, while the capacity of the wooden spoon Decreasing, because it gradually flattened after contacting the water.

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