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Answers For 7 Top General Concerns For Wooden Cutlery Manufacturer

Vinzor Wood recently received a lot of questions and inquiries from our customers regarding wooden cutlery and tableware. When importing wooden cutlery, distributors may have several concerns to consider. We want to make sure we provide them with the best answers possible.

  1. Quality control: Distributors will need to ensure that the wooden cutlery meets their quality standards and the expectations of their customers. Vinzorwood controls the quality in every step of the production, from selected raw material, skilled technician, latest and continuously updated machine, finished product selecting, packaging etc. Strict quality control make sure the accurate and right product we provide to our customers.wooden cutlery family 1
  2. Regulatory compliance: Vinzorwood complies with any relevant regulations and standards in the market, both in production procedure and finished products. Our workshop run under the management of  ISO9001-2007. Raw material meets the standard of FSC. Finished tableware is proved by SGS, LFGB, MSDN etc. Customers can feel free about food safety, packaging, labeling, and environmental impact.wooden-cutlery-manufacturer
  3. Delivery and transportation: In the international trade, delivery is a big deal. As a wooden cutlery manufacturer, Vinzor wood is able to provide a whole solution or suggestion according to the destination, order quantity, time-sensitive etc, to make sure that our distributors will have a clear understandign about the whole procedure of wooden cutlery purchasing. We will provide the best possible cost-efficient solution for delivery.vinzorwood
  4. Pricing and cost competitiveness: Distributors will get factory price from Vinzorwood. We understand that distributors need to consider the pricing and cost competitiveness of the wooden cutlery, both in comparison to other disposable cutlery options and in relation to their own pricing strategies. At Vinzorwood, you will get a powerful and continuously support in your marketing, we will be your supportive partner in China. WOODEN STICKS FOR ICE CREAM
  5. Sustainability and environmental impact: Vinzorwood believes that any business that ignores sustainability is unlikely to do well in this age of conscious consumption. Wooden cutlery is a eco-friendly alternative to plastic cutlery, it is generated to answer the call of plastic ban. Disposable wooden flatware is considered more eco-friendly and sustainability to our environment and planet. We prioritize sustainability and use responsibly-sourced materials, as birch wood is biodegradable , can minimize the environmental impact at the end of its life cream sticks manufacturer
  6. Reliable and traceable after-sales customer service: Vinzorwood always respond to customer queries, complaints, and doing our best to meet their demand. We would like to hear feedback from our customers to help us do better job in the manufacturing and business running. Vinzor Wood is taking our responsibility to support our customers, which could be benefit both our customers and the environment, and always to serve our customers again and again.20221012122519
  7. One-stop purchasing: Vinzor wood’s customers can get all the necessary disposable tablewares and packaging materials from one place to save costs and time. Except for wooden cutlery, vinzorwood also provides bamboo cutlery, paper food containers, bamboo skewers, wooden trays etc all at factory price.

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Vinzor Wood Products Co., Ltd is a founded in the year of 2002, is the leading bamboo and wooden cutlery manufacturer in China.

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