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Advantages and disadvantages of wooden tableware

Nowadays, there are a lot of tableware with different materials. Many people do not know how to choose. What are the advantages and disadvantages of wooden tableware. Vinzor Wood will tell you about the selection skills of tableware and the advantages and disadvantages of wooden tableware.

First, the selection skills of tableware

1. Chopsticks are common tableware for Chinese people, including bamboo chopsticks, wooden blocks, silver chopsticks, and paint chopsticks. However, silver chopsticks and paint chopsticks have problems during use. Silver chopsticks will lead to silver chopsticks in a food environment with strong acidity and alkalinity. Into the food, the same high temperature or special conditions of paint chopsticks will cause the paint to enter the food, and then enter the human body and endanger health.

2. Ceramic tableware, as the traditional utensils of the Chinese people, turns the black and black soil into white ceramics. This kind of power of turning decay into magic refers to the study of our descendants. Of course, ceramic tableware is clean, healthy, green and environmentally friendly. The public likes it, and the glazed ceramic tableware in modern times should be used with caution.

3. Aluminum tableware, aluminum lunch box is a very common one. Aluminum tableware itself is no problem. Its characteristics are light and convenient, easy to clean, and popular among the public. However, under the condition of strong acid and alkali, it will cause aluminum to enter Food, and long-term intake of trace amounts of aluminum, can cause symptoms of memory loss.

Second, the advantages and disadvantages of wooden tableware

1. The advantages of wooden tableware

Wooden tableware is a natural product and is a rich renewable resource wood. It is 100% degradable and relatively healthy and environmentally friendly; personalized processing, with natural patterns, can be viewed as handicrafts; good heat preservation, not hot, not hot Ice hand; light weight, strong and durable, no odor, keep the original taste of food.

2. Disadvantages of wooden tableware

Wooden tableware is easy to dry and crack, so avoid washing with water as much as possible, and it is not suitable to put it in the disinfection cabinet.

When choosing tableware, you can choose by comparing the advantages and disadvantages of various materials; although wooden tableware and chopsticks are natural and pollution-free products, with no odor and good heat preservation, they also have shortcomings such as being easy to dry and crack, and cannot be washed by hand, depending on your needs. to make a selection.

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