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6 small things with big common functions


You can find all kinds of different things in your daily life, and you’ve probably grown accustomed to their value and the way they’re used in your life. However, there are many things, and their real use may be that you never knew. For example, the blue part in the eraser, or the holes on some backpacks, have you really used them correctly? Today, let the editor take you to understand 6 things that you may often see, but don’t know the real purpose.

1. The blue part on the eraser

You may have bought an eraser with two colors on the market, orange and blue. Also, you probably never wondered why they are divided into two colors. But you must have tried to use the blue part to erase handwriting, only to find that the paper cracked. Maybe you will find that the orange direction will be softer, and the blue direction will be harder. Also, you may have been told that the orange part is for erasing pencil marks and the blue part is for erasing ballpoint pens. While it’s true that doing so can have some effect, it’s not entirely true. In fact, the blue part is considered for thicker paper.

2. The “pig nose” leather patch on the backpack

When you purchase some backpacks, you may be able to see a “pig nose” leather patch on the back of the pack. Maybe you just think it exists for decoration, but it actually has very practical value. In fact, the entire design of outdoor backpacks has outdoor travel in mind. The backpack is equipped with a bag for a water bottle and a small bag for small items. And the little pig nose patch is actually very useful, it allows you to use a rope to go through there, so as to fix the device. Such as flashlights and extra shoes.

3. The wooden spoon can prevent the bubbles in the pot from ejecting
When cooking, a wooden spoon is undoubtedly very convenient, because it is less likely to conduct heat, and the wooden spoon can be held in the hand better. However, many people ignore other functions of wooden spoons. Sometimes, when the food in the pot starts to boil, it may splash out very quickly. However, placing the handle of a wooden spoon over the top of the pot will make it as easy as possible to keep the liquid inside from splattering. This is because when the wooden spoon touches the bubble, it pierces the surface of the bubble, causing it to burst. When water reaches its boiling point, it begins to change from liquid to vapor. Because the wooden spoon is cooler than the air bubbles, the wooden spoon will turn the vapor-filled air bubbles back into a liquid.


4. How to pour out carton beverage bottles
Whether it contains milk, juice or any other beverage, the opening on the carton package is undoubtedly there for us to pour out the beverage. However, there are actually particularities about how to pour drinks. Many people pour the juice directly into the glass from the round opening facing down, but doing so can easily cause the liquid to splash out. In fact, the opening should have been moved to the rear area for pouring drinks, making them less prone to splashing.

5. The fixed button on the edge of the plastic wrap shell

The use of plastic wrap in life is very large, but when many people use it, they may find some troublesome things, that is, it is difficult to fix the plastic wrap, and the inside seems to fall out easily. The reason for this situation is that most people completely ignore a fixed function in the shell of the plastic wrap. There is a design on the side of the shell that can be pressed down. When you press down, the paper shell will fix the inner plastic wrap roll.

6. The common leather pin is more suitable for the sink
When a sink is clogged, it can be very annoying for many people. However, the common leather stick that is usually considered to be used to unclog the toilet can actually be used to unclog the sink, and it is indeed more suitable for dredging work on flatter surfaces such as sinks and bathtubs. The other kind, which has a narrower head, is specially designed for toilets.

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